MacDuff Parkway developer wants City Council to rezone for 36 townhomes, nixes mixed-use plan

Rendering of townhomes proposed for northern MacDuff Parkway. Graphic/City of Peachtree City.
Rendering of townhomes proposed for northern MacDuff Parkway. Graphic/City of Peachtree City.

A developer wants to build 36 townhomes  on 6.4 acres off MacDuff Parkway and is seeking a rezoning Tuesday evening from the Peachtree City Council during a special called meeting.

City planners wanted the developer to include a street-level component of commercial shops, but were told the live-work-shop combination was a bad idea financially for that site.

“A 36-unit townhome development involves the least development risk and provides the greatest flexibility to succeed,” said the narrative of developer Brent Holdings, LLC. “While potentially feasible, inserting a small number of LWUs (live-work units) at this unproven commercial location, with limited parking, significant use restrictions and adjacent to a small townhome development, introduces a significant added element of risk to the project.”

The site is adjacent to the Tyrone town limits, Cresswind subdivision in Wilksmoor Village and the CSX Railroad tracks.

View of site from railroad bridge of MacDuff Parkway site. Photo/City of Peachtree City.
View of site from railroad bridge of MacDuff Parkway site. Photo/City of Peachtree City.

Also on the agenda is a proposal to buy some right-of-way for a cart path easement and inter-parcel access through an office park near the current location of the Fayette County Animal Shelter. City cost will be $141,000.

During the meeting the council will vote on sending the latest version of the city’s updated comprehensive plan to the state.

The council also will decide whether to alter access to Lake Peachtree at the ramps at Battery Way and Pinecrest boat docks by shifting boat trailer use away from Battery Way and building more parking spaces at Pinecrest across the lake.

Additionally, the council has as part of its consent agenda paying $832,000 for three new and 10 replacement police vehicles.

The council meets this week at City Hall Tuesday evening at 6:30 p.m.

Below is the full agenda:

Agenda for called meeting July 12 for Peachtree City Council



JULY 12, 2022 6:30 p.m. 

I.Call to Order

II.Pledge of Allegiance

III.Moment of Silence

IV.Announcements, Awards, Special Recognition

• Purple Heart City Designation Proclamation

• July 4th Parade Winners

V.Public Comment

VI.Agenda Changes


June 16, 2022, Council Meeting Minutes

June 21, 2022, Special Called Workshop Minutes

VIII.Quarterly Reports

IX.Consent Agenda

1.FY2022 Budget Amendment – Recreation Department

2. FY2022 Budget Amendment – Early Order Police Vehicles

3. FY2022 Budget Amendment – Early Order One (1) Fire F150 Vehicle

4. Addition of GIS Manager in the Financial Services Division

X.Public Hearings

07-22-01 New Alcohol License – Los Mariachis Mexican Restaurant -2882 Highway 54 West (Presented by City Clerk Yasmin Julio) 

07-22-02 FY 2023 Proposed Budget and Capital Improvement Program (Presented by Finance Director Paul Salvatore) 

07-22-03 Variance Request – 1280 Highway 74  (Presented by Planning and Development Director Robin Cailloux) 

07-22-04 Rezoning Request from GI (General Industrial) to LUR (Limited Use Residential) of 6.4 acres on MacDuff Parkway Adjacent to Cresswind Subdivision (Cailloux) 

07-22-05 Comprehensive Plan Update 2022 (Cailloux) 

XI.Old Agenda Items

XII.New Agenda Items

07-22-06 Comprehensive Plan Update 2022 Transmittal Resolution (Cailloux) 

07-22-07 Authorize Purchase of Multi-Use Path and Inter-Parcel Access Easement (Cailloux) 

07-22-08 Establish Project and FY2022 Budget Amendment – Station 86 (Strickland) 

07-22-09 Parking/Boat Ramp Use at Battery Way and Pinecrest  (Strickland) 

XIII.Council/Staff Topics


  1. Personally I’d rather see no additional residential property built in our City which is built out and plagued now with traffic. But that’s an unrealistic dream. I can see why the developer doesn’t think ‘retail’ would work here especially limited parking. It looks like most of the limited remaining PTC property will be going with ‘vertical’ condos like this. That’s probably where the profits are.