Three Students from Crossroads Christian School in Tyrone Win National Math Contest

From left to right – Mrs. Lolly Martin, Hannah Cooke, Katie Ferrell, Andrew Cooke.

The Actuarial Foundation announced winners of this year’s, “The Hardest Math Problem Student Contest,” and competitors from Crossroads Christian School in Tyrone, Georgia won three of the six spots in the nationwide contest for middle school students.  One student each from Texas, Massachusetts, and Ohio took the remaining three spots.

The contest awarded a Grand Prize and a Runner-up for each of three grades – 6th through 8th.

Crossroads’ students won both available places in the 8th grade – Grand Prize and Runner-up.

Another Crossroads student scored the Runner-up position for the 7th grade.  According to a news release from The Actuarial Foundation, more than 6,000 students entered this year’s contest.

Mrs. Lolly Martin teaches middle school math in the tiny Tyrone school.

Hannah Cooke took the Grand Prize for the 8th Grade winning $5,000 for her 529 college savings plan, and a laptop computer.  Hannah is the daughter of David and Lois Cooke of Fayetteville.

Katie Ferrell earned the Runner-up position in the 8th Grade, winning a tablet computer.  Katie is the daughter of Eric and Susan Ferrell of Sharpsburg.

Andrew Cooke won Runner-up in the 7th Grade, also winning a tablet computer.  Andrew is Hannah’s brother.

The Hardest Math Problem Student Contest is sponsored by The Actuarial Foundation; the textbook publishing company, Scholastic; and the New York Life Foundation.

The full news release from The Actuarial Foundation can be read here: