Keep up with voting results tonight on The Citizen


After the polls close tonight in Fayette County, The Citizen will be reporting the vote counting of local contested races and high profile district and statewide contests.

Rep. Derrick Jackson (D-Tyrone)
Rep. Derrick Jackson (D-Tyrone)

One statewide race with a local politician competing in a crowded field is the Democrat race for the lieutenant governor nomination. State Representative Derrick Jackson (D-Tyrone) gave up a safe seat to compete for a statewide office. Eight other candidates are also in that race that likely will result in a runoff.

It’s hard to get more local than school board elections, and both the Democrat and Republican ballots contain contested races tonight.

Democrat Leonard Presberg, the District 4 incumbent, declined to seek reelection, so that produced a field of 3 Democrat contenders: Regina Daigre, Miriam Gwathney and Patty Mosley. That 3-way field may produce a runoff, with the runoff winner facing William Yarde — who is unopposed in the Republican Primary — in November.

Current Board of Education Chairman Roy Rabold is facing two Republican challengers for the District 2 Republican nomination: Janice Bennett and Alyson Otto. The winner of that likely runoff will face no Democrat opponent in November.

The redrawn District 74 post for the House of Representatives has both a Republican and a Democrat slate of candidates. Karen Mathiak (R-Griffin) is the incumbent and she faces a Fayette County challenger, attorney David Ballard. On the Democrat side, William Harris and Errol Mitchell are competing to run against the Republican winner in November.

One contest appeared on all ballots across Fayette County: the renewal of the E-SPLOST to the tune of $210 million, set to begin in 2024 if a majority of voters say “YES.”

We’ll be reporting the ongoing vote counts for Georgia governor, U.S. senator, secretary of state and others as well. First results will likely be what amounts to a massive random poll of Fayette voters: the count of early and absentee voters. Since those voters come from all the county, it’s like a fairly accurate predictor of the final tally in local races, except in unusually close contests.

Our tallies will look like the charts below. Join us.

Democrat Contested Races

US House District 13

Mark Barker

Shastity Driscoll

Vincent Fort

David Scott (incumbent)


GA Lieutenant Governor (9 candidates)

Erick Allen

Charlie Bailey

Tyrone Brooks Jr.

Tony Brown

Kwanza Hall

Jason Hayes

Derrick L. Jackson (Tyrone)

R. Malik

Renitta Shannon


State House of Representatives District 68

Tish Naghise

Jane Williams


State House of Representatives District 69

Debra Bazemore (incumbent)

Cobie Lyrix Brown

Tyriq Jackson


State House of Representatives District 74

William Harris

Errol Mitchell


Fayette Board of Education District 4 (open, was Leonard Presberg)

Regina Daigre

Miriam Gwathney

Patty Mosley



Republican Contested Races

US Senate

Gary Black

Josh Clark

Kelvin King

Jon McColumn

Latham Saddler

Herschel Walker


GA Governor

Catherine Davis

Brian Kemp (incumbent)

David Perdue

Kandiss Taylor

Tom Williams


GA Lieutenant Governor

Burt Jones

Mack McGregor

Butch Miller

Jeanne Seaver


GA Secretary of State

David Belle Isle

Jody Hice

T.J. Hudson

Brad Raffensperger (incumbent)


US House of Representatives District 3

Jared Craig

Drew Ferguson (incumbent)


GA House of Representatives District 74

David Ballard

Karen Mathiak (incumbent)


Fayette County Board of Education District 2

Janice Bennett

Alyson Otto

Roy Rabold (incumbent)