Shooter charged with murder of CVS employee


UPDATED 10:30 A.M., May 5 — A Fairburn man is now charged with murder in the “domestic-related” shooting death of a CVS employee outside the Peachtree City pharmacy where he worked, Peachtree City police said Thursday.

Murder suspect Marlon C. Jones, 45, of Fairburn, was arrested at the scene of the shooting before 8 a.m. May 4.

The body of the shooting victim — Donell Hicks, 35, of Newnan — was found outside the entrance to the store where he worked, CVS Pharmacy, 101 Lexington Circle, according to Peachtree City Police Department spokesman Chris Hyatt.

Both men knew each other, Hyatt said. “This is domestic related and there is no further public concern for anybody in the area. It is completely contained and isolated to the specific events that occurred at that time and nothing further,” Hyatt said shortly after the shooting.

The pharmacy was closed all day May 4 as police investigated the homicide.

The last shooting death inside Peachtree City that resulted in a murder charge happened Aug. 2, 2019. Thomas J. Blandburg. Jr., of Jonesboro, was charged with firing the fatal shot that killed Michael Tolbert, 34, near the Woodsmill Apartments on Wisdom Road. Tolbert’s body was found the following day behind the nearby Wisdom Pointe Shopping Center.


UPDATED 5:30 P.M. May 4 — One person is dead following a “domestic related” Wednesday morning shooting incident outside the CVS pharmacy on Lexington Circle in Peachtree City, police said.

Peachtree City police at approximately 7:40 a.m. responded to the CVS pharmacy on Ga. Highway 54 East and Lexington Circle in reference to a person possibly shot, according to Peachtree City Police Department spokesman Chris Hyatt.

Hyatt said one male victim was found in front of the store. That male was deceased. He has been identified as Donell Hicks, 35, of Newnan. Police said the victim was an employee of the Lexington Circle CVS Pharmacy. The store was closed today as police continued their homicide investigation.

Officers took one male offender into custody, Hyatt said, adding that the two parties were known to each other, Hyatt noted. The man arrested was Marlon C. Jones, 45, of Fairburn, Hyatt said, with charges pending.

“This is domestic related and there is no further public concern for anybody in the area. It is completely contained and isolated to the specific events that occurred at that time and nothing further,” Hyatt said. 


EARLIER STORY — One person was shot to death and a second person has been arrested by Peachtree City Police in connection with a homicide outside the CVS Pharmacy on Lexington Circle on the city’s east side Wednesday morning, according to news reports.

Nobody else was hurt in the shooting that happened in the retail area across from the Publix Shopping Center and within walking distance of McIntosh High School, reports said.

Further details as they become available.


  1. Found out the victim was the CVS manager, a young man who had always been helpful and cheerful. I am deeply saddened to to know he is now dead due to some mindless act. I’ve used that CVS for a log time and considered the manager and the staff to be dedicated folks who served us all through COVID.

  2. Not surprised. It was two of ‘THOSE PEOPLE’ – the USUAL SUSPECTS who are involved in almost every crime – everywhere! Violence courses through the veins of these BEASTS and MONSTERS!

  3. Politicians are to blame for the drug epidemic, the defund the police movement & open borders. However this incident is domestic & sadly happens everywhere. Most of the serious crime here in PTC I’ve notice happens on major highways, folks traveling through the city. @RB80 if you are referring to the child hit on Hwy 74 a few years back the woman has been caught.

    • Sorry to say Elania Marie Montelongo was released In that case…that’s after find blood under the hood of the car she took…..the kid in question was Christopher Jordan Babilonia…to this day no one has come forward with the truth…very said

  4. I can’t believe you simple-minded fools that think a crime here or there is in any way connected to an elected official that took office a few months ago. Thats like blaming Biden for a recession when he’s 2 months into his term or Trump taking credit for a growing economy in his first couple months after taking office. Y’all are fools if you think one elected official sways things like that. Big picture – we have a broken world with years and years of brokenness leading to more and more broken people who make bad choices and whose hearts are filled with hate, rage, anger, and other selfish desires. Peachtree City has been insulated from a lot of the outside crime because generally – higher home values bring in a class of citizens who aren’t out committing petty crimes. But the crime is coming to us – very few offenders are actually from PTC – just look at the crime stories that are in the Citizen regularly. Good people will be good regardless of who’s in office…..people who make poor choices will do so no matter who’s in office. If you want to be part of the solution instead of just b*tching about the problem – get involved in your community, invest in young people, get off your arse and be the solution instead of waiting for someone else to do it.

  5. As reported here less than a month ago:
    “The 2021 crime stats for Peachtree City are in. Data provided by the Peachtree City Police Department showed a 14 percent decrease in Part 1 serious crimes. By far, the largest number of the offenses were thefts, accounting for 80 percent of those crimes.

    Part 1 crimes, those of a serious nature, and including offenses such as homicide, forcible rape, robbery, aggravated assault, larceny and burglary came with a 14 percent decrease over 2020.”

    The categories in which crime increased are those which historically rise with things like pandemics, natural disasters, and economic downturns. More people spending more time with each other, during stressful times, means greater risk of domestic-oriented crimes.

    Just as with all the homicides in PTC going back to the early 80s, single digits, all were domestic in nature, as best as I can recall. So let’s simmer down, ease the knee-jerking and veiled racism, and relax.

  6. We’re seeing more crime and increasingly more violent criminal arrests here in PTC lately, this is not a good trend. Law enforcement here does an amazing job, but the proximity to South Fulton is bringing the thugs to our town. Stay vigilant!


    A shooting, terrible murals on our beautiful tunnels, thefts of golf carts up 100%.

    Sounds like inner city values are becoming the norm here in our beloved PTC.

    Ya’ll voted in liberal mayor what did you expect to happen?

    • Do you honestly believe the accused or the victim even knew or cared who the Mayor of Peachtree City is? Do you think the accused researched the government officials of PTC and that was the tipping point on whether or not they were going to shoot someone on that day in this city? Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs anyone?