First the traffic stop, then comes the drugs


It usually starts with a minor traffic infraction, and it would have ended that way — except the officer on the scene smells weed, which leads to a search of the vehicle and all kinds of additional charges for illegal activity.

This scenario plays out multiple times every week in Fayette County. Here are a few recent examples.

A May 26 traffic stop took place on Hwy. 314 at Kenwood Road and the deputy detected the odor of marijuana. Further investigation revealed that the two occupants of the vehicle had numerous identification cards and credit cards with other people’s names on them, according to a spokesman for the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office.

In addition marijuana, the investigation turned up a supply of Ecstasy, which is a felony drug. There were also fake checks in the car.

Wilmar Bolton, 34, of Miami was charged with a felony count of financial identity fraud as well as a felony drug charge and a count of marijuana possession. Teegra Richardson, 35, of Union City was charged with financial identity fraud.

A May 25 traffic stop at Hwy. 85 S. and Price Road started the same way. The deputy smelled marijuana and found some, along with other things. The case was complicated when the suspect gave a false name.

Jerry Mendoza Flores, 29, of Snellville, Ala., faces a felony drug charge as well as giving a false name to an officer, obstruction of an officer, marijuana possession, and possession of drug-related objects.