During traffic argument in amphitheater parking lot, man pulls gun on woman, police say


Fayetteville police are investigating an April 22 report that a man in the parking lot of the Brightmoor Amphitheater pulled a gun on a woman who had arrived to work for a concert vendor.

Fayetteville police on April 22 at approximately 2:20 p.m. were dispatched to the Brightmoor Amphitheater on Tiger Trail in reference to a simple assault.

Police met with the complainant, who said she drove to the area to work for a vendor for an event that would take place later that evening at the amphitheater, said Fayetteville Police Department spokesperson Ann Marie Burdett.

The woman told police she was unfamiliar with the area and mistakenly pulled into a parking lot, and was traveling the wrong way down a one-way section of the parking lot, Burdett reported.

“The complainant said her vehicle was blocked by an unidentified sedan, which a light-skinned black male with a bald head occupied, and his facial hair was parted in three,” said Burdett. “The vehicle was also occupied by a teenage black female with her hair in black braids.”

The woman told police she rolled her windows down and asked the unidentified male to move his vehicle, adding that the unidentified male aggressively told her she was driving the wrong way, said Burdett.

The woman said there was a heated exchange between her and the unidentified male. She said the unidentified male pulled a firearm from his waistline, but the teenage female in the vehicle prevented him from doing anything with the firearm, Burdett continued.

The woman told police the unidentified vehicle drove off toward Tiger Trail.

The case was turned over to the Criminal Investigations Division for further investigation.

In another Fayetteville case, an officer on April 23 was dispatched to a Weatherly Drive residence off Ga. Highway 54 East on a theft report.

Police met with the complainant, who said she believed her firearm was stolen the night before from the parking lot located on Tiger Trail while she was attending a concert at the Brightmoor Amphitheater, said Burdett.

“The complainant told police she left her vehicle doors locked before she went to the concert, and when she returned to her vehicle, the doors were still locked,” said Burdett. “The complainant said there were no signs of forced entry, and no other items were removed or disturbed.”

The firearm was entered onto the Georgia Crime Information Center (G.C.I.C.) system.


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      Unfortunately, the Fayetteville city fathers and mothers have turned the amphitheater over to the Bear radio. so it is mostly a country music venue now.

      • Good Gawd Stranger than Fiction…that is as bad as it could get !
        Lilly White country folks with mostly conservative thoughts producing playin’ country music.

        I totally stepped in it…I guess the “light-skinned black male with a bald head” might have just been offended that he was g’wan to be subjected to loud Country Music “sangin’ and a a whole bunch o’ county folks.