Peachtree City groups come together to support Ukraine

Peachtree City Running Club, Tri-PTC, Multisport Performance, Country Fried Creative support Ukraine with a Run/Walk on 3/1/2022 at Drake Field. Photo/Peachtree City Running Club.

In a show of support for Ukraine and the victims impacted by the Russian invasion, a wonderful thing happened here in Peachtree City the evening of Tuesday, March 1, 2022.  The Peachtree City Running Club, Tri-PTC Triathlon Club, Multisport Performance, and Country Fried Creative joined forces to host a Group Run/Walk at Lake Peachtree.

The inspiration for the event was local resident Yana A.  She and her husband Igor are from Kharkiv, Ukraine and live here in Peachtree City with their three daughters.  Yana is an avid runner, triathlete, and works at Country Fried Creative as a web developer.

Event Organizer Tiffany Woods (left) offers inspirational words to Yana A. (right) in front of the group. Photo/Joe Domaleski

Dressed in the blue and yellow national colors of Ukraine, entire families started showing up at Drake Field around 5:30pm the day of the event.  Around 6pm, event organizer Tiffany Woods, with Multisport Performance, called everyone to order and led the group of walkers and runners with an inspirational message and prayer.  

(L-R) Mary Catherine Domaleski, Yana A., and Joe Domaleski pose for a selfie at Battery Way Park during the Run/Walk event in support of Ukraine. Photo/Joe Domaleski

Local businessperson Joe Domaleski, owner of Country Fried Creative, spoke to the group about how Yana came to the community and her great work in the community.  After a group picture, everyone made their way onto the cart paths waving flags and signs in support of Ukraine.

According to event co-organizer Shelly Collins, President of Peachtree City Running Club, over fifty people showed up for the event to raise awareness and donate over $1,000 via to support the people of Ukraine.  


  1. Well done folks! I salute your community spirit in coming together to offer support for a good and decent cause which involves the safety and protection of the hard pressed Ukranian people who have done ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to deserve this avalanche of violence, brutality and destruction that has been unleashed and rained down upon and against them! 🥰