PTC Elem. students program adventures


April Morgan’s 3rd grade class at Peachtree City Elementary loves a good adventure, and now they know how to program their own. Through a project-based learning opportunity using small codable robots called Bee-Bots, students created their own stories.

The active learning project starts with a giant piece of paper and ends as a collaborative storyboard where the main character (Bee-Bot) must navigate a story map while the students narrate its adventure.

“This project is often a favorite for my 3rd grade students as it incorporates many skills, including engineering, writing, research, design, coding, problem-solving, and collaboration,” said Morgan. “I am so proud of the teamwork and perseverance students demonstrated while executing this project. Creating narratives, story maps, and robots in an interactive display is not an easy feat, and they turned out amazing!”

— This article provided by the Fayette County School System.