The Wife’s Boyfriend


This family column had its start twenty years ago, The Wife and I have been married two years longer, and she’s been in love with her boyfriend even longer than that.

A family column which includes a story about The Wife’s boyfriend may not go together, but oddly, this one does. Her love for him isn’t a secret that I just found out, but rather something she told me about even before we got married.

It wasn’t doom and gloom when I found out about him, and I wasn’t shattered. Wild horses couldn’t drag me away from The Wife. Because of that, I’ve accepted him as part of our lives. Don’t worry, Dear Reader, our marriage isn’t out of time; it’s stronger now than ever. If you haven’t figured out who her boyfriend really is, keep reading, I’ll wait. Time is on my side.

Throughout our marriage, The Wife and I have never been a beast of burden to each other; instead, we’ve had an understanding. She has the freedom to do what makes her happy, and I likewise. In our relationship, I’ve never tried to keep her under my thumb.

I saw her for the first time when she walked into the restaurant for our blind date, and it was like I had been waiting on a friend. It was the middle of winter, and our table was next to the fireplace. She was so hot she had to take off her blue sweater before sitting down. (Yes, I remember it was blue.) Every time she smiled a radiance beamed from her. All night long, I felt her shine a light on me.

We’ve now been married for more than a third of my life. Although there have been many ups and downs and we have been torn and frayed, our love for each other has never wavered, our love is strong.

The Wife has always been there to gimme shelter from the storms of this world; she’s a rainbow. And I will always be there for her. We decided early on in our marriage not to exchange birthday or Christmas presents. Our presents were each other. Instead, we celebrate being together by taking a special trip. Next year we hope to go back to France.

Last June, I asked The Wife what she thought of the gift idea for her birthday this year. She answered with a smile, “Let’s spend the night together.”

We bought two tickets for the Rolling Stones. After this Thursday, she will never be able to say, “I can’t get no satisfaction.” And if you really want to go, you’ll be a fool to cry. You too can be a midnight rambler like The Wife and me.

We won’t miss you because there are plenty of tickets still left. In this life you can’t always get what you want, but sometimes, you get what you need. And The Wife needs to dance for three hours Thursday night with her longtime boyfriend, Sir Mick Jagger. See you at the show.

[Rick Ryckeley has been writing stories since 2001.]