Man in jail after pointing gun at business owner and customer

Andre Shields. Photo/Fayette County Jail.
Andre Shields. Photo/Fayette County Jail.

The female owner of a Fayetteville business on Oct. 17 was assaulted by the father of her children while selling a freezer to an Atlanta customer. The man, who left the scene before deputies arrived, was arrested Oct. 18 on three violence charges.

Andre Shields, 39, of Union City, was charged with aggravated assault, simple assault and battery-family violence, according to Fayette County Jail records.

Sheriff Barry Babb said deputies on Oct. 17 responded to a business on Rainbow Way off Ga. Highway 85 North in reference to an altercation between a male and female.

The female business owner told deputies she was in the process of selling a freezer to a male customer and the two were beginning to load it in his vehicle when the father of their children arrived at the location. The owner said the man exited his vehicle and approached her and the customer, and was visibly upset with a gun in his hand, said Babb.

The owner said the man pointed the gun at her and the customer, with the owner telling the man that the customer from Atlanta was there to buy the freezer.

The perpetrator then grabbed the owner and pointed the gun at her head, causing her to fall to the ground, the woman told deputies.

At that point, the customer ran into the store and the woman ran to an adjacent building and asked that 911 be called, Babb said of the report.

Babb said the male perpetrator had left the scene before deputies arrived.

Deputies interviewing the customer were given the same sequence of events as reported by the business owner, said Babb.

Babb said further information provided by the owner indicated that she and the man arrested live together and have two children.

Warrants were taken on Shields, who is a resident of Union City, Babb said.


  1. Why are all of these African American men now so violent? Is it the “gangsta’ ” or “thug rap” mentality they are taught ….none of this ends well and many of their lives are short, mean and ugly….where are the Black leaders at a time when we need them?

    • Why are all of these white Republican men now so violent? Is it the “Big Lie Trumpism” or “insurrection” mentality they are taught ….none of this ends well and it is mean and ugly for our country….where are the White leaders at a time when we need them?

      • Awesome response Stranger Than Fiction…point well made…now that’s how you do free speech…However, I think the greater problem, on a much more massive scale is in the African American community….I’m old enough to remember when Black folks had complete family’s , intact communities and were making progress…..and all this was during Jim Crow.
        What has happened since the Democrats started managing their lives in 1964?

        • Vics – We both know that the vast majority of Black people and White Republicans are upright, law-abiding citizens. The problems are with decided minorities of both groups.

          Pesky facts: Per capita violent crime was almost twice as high during the Reagan years than it is now, and poverty has a significantly higher correlation with criminal behavior than does ethnicity. In most cases, the victims of violent crime are of the same ethnicity as the perpetrators. These are sad facts.

          Like you, I remember a past much different than the present. I remember when white Republicans were the party of law and order and when they were disgusted with demonstrations in Washington against the government. I remember when white Republicans backed law enforcement and would not give a pass to anyone who assaulted the police, much less attempted a violent overthrow of Congress. Now both liberals and conservatives seem to pick and choose which violent crimes to tolerate and which to vilify.

          Perhaps we can agree on this: Violent crime in the United States is disgusting no matter who the perpetrators are or what their causes are. Our republic has established institutions that no one is above.

          • Well said Stranger than Fiction
            I accept your observation and agree with the last paragraph…perhaps I’m reacting to the increase of this activity in our area bleeding over from other counties that started degrading in the 60s, 70’s and 80’s.

          • Vics – I’m pleased that we can agree on some things.

            I think that we all are easily swayed by the availability heuristic. I know that I am susceptible.