Concerns about a stealth candidate for mayor of Peachtree City


First, let’s define the term. A “stealth” candidate is someone who runs for political office under a false flag — at worst — or a misleading flag — at best.

This candidate misleads by withholding vital information from the voters about what the candidate’s hidden agenda really is. This candidate tells voters what they want to hear, but intends — with electoral success — to follow a path that few voters were expecting.

In the half century since I started reporting on local political races, I’ve seen a few stealth candidates. My stealth alarms are ringing loudly about one current candidate for mayor of Peachtree City.

This candidate has what the Irish call the gift of gab — very personable, likable, enjoys a good beer and a good time, and wants to turn every village center in Peachtree City into a continuing, after-midnight beer-fest year round, every night.

My back yard backs up to one such peaceful village center now. Candidate Nick Ferrante’s idea of “longer operating hours, including approval for additional mood lighting and music,” seems like bad news for sleepy adults and kids in nearby homes — not just on weekends, but every night of every week.

One of our commenters recounted his experience with Mr. Ferrante: “[Nick] stated he had been a life-long Republican and had never voted Democrat but now he was fine being referred to as a ‘leftist’ and a ‘socialist.’ … Some other things I noticed early on in his campaign was his quickness to anger and insult those that disagreed with him. That’s par for the course on social media but in displaying qualities for mayor, where relationships with local and statewide officials is vital, it doesn’t seem like Nick plays well with others.” — local resident Mike LaTella in a comment on

Below, Mr. Ferrante provides an example of both the leftist cancel culture outrage and its tendency to distort plain facts and just make stuff up in a response to a letter writer opposing him:


Hello Again Cal!

A couple of things; first to Robyn.

“I am offended as a Peachtree City taxpaying citizen that a political action committee, outside of our community, and even outside of Georgia is using our city as a pawn in their chess game of turning Georgia into a blue, Progressive state.”

A.) In what way is Run For Something using Peachtree City has a pawn?

B.) In what way am I being led?

C.) Do you know when my last contact with Run For Something was?

D.) What is it about treating your neighbors who live differently from you that bothers you so much?

Secondly, to Cal.

It appears you failed to do your due diligence once again before attempting to sully my name.

A journalist and editor with integrity would know how to request my publicly available CCDR Forms (Campaign Contribution Disclosure Report) and do so.

Maybe you did perform your due diligence and ignored the substantive findings within, that would be even worse.

According to those legal documents;

A.) When have I received ANY financial support from Run For Something?

B.) What percentage of my donors are from Fayette County and Georgia?

C.) What evidence do you have that I’ve been supported by “outside influences”?*

* The only contribution that could even potentially fall into this is from a personal friend who also has a very small, brand new PAC, and yes, they support candidates that believe in a more inclusive future for all of our citizens. I won’t apologize for sharing and professing that value.


Now, compare what I actually wrote and determine if the editor’s note — using direct quotes from the organization Mr. Ferrante asked for support — qualifies as an attempt to “sully” his name:

EDITOR’S NOTE: We verified on the website that Ferrante applied for their support in March 2021. The site says its business is “recruiting and supporting young progressives.” The site says, “We connect partner organizations with candidates who need their help, leveraging our national scale for local races.”

What kind of candidates does the organization help? “Run for Something works exclusively with progressive Millennials and Gen-Zers running for local office for the first or second time. Progressive — We help people who are pro-choice, pro-universal health care, pro-LGBTQ equality, pro-criminal justice reform; pro-working families and organized labor, pro-voting rights, pro-campaign finance reform, who focus on inequality, fair wages, and job creation; who acknowledge that climate change is real, man-made, and our responsibility to fight; and who will fight to reduce gun violence in their community.”

Ferrante’s “Magic Bubble” campaign materials don’t disclose this close political and financial affiliation.


Their “young progressive” Mr. Ferrante either doesn’t know or chooses not to disclose that PACs don’t contribute directly into a campaign’s cash coffers. Instead, they spend unknown buckets of money on behalf of the candidate, the amount of which becomes public knowlege only if you know which PACs to look for in the official contributions section on the state website. So, I wonder, which PACs are spending on behalf of Mr. Ferrante and how much?

Let’s unpack this: Mr. Ferrante went to Run For Something last March specifically to apply for their support. He knew what their aim is: electing far-left local candidates to have leftist influence on local governments. And he signed up for their support. No other candidate for public office in Peachtree City has ever followed that route. What is his explanation for seeking that support? What he’s NOT talking about is much more substantive — and threatening — than his sweet magic bubble froth of a platform.

What’s even more troubling are some of Mr. Ferrante’s zealous (and occasionally verbally vicious) cancel culture woke warriors who attack any resident who dares raise legitimate questions about a candidate who has no electoral history, in fact little public history at all. (If you click on the “About” link on his website, you get no personal history — just a place to donate money and a “Magic Bubble” platform list.)

That woke crowd will show up with sharpened knives in the comments section below this opinion column. Before it’s over, I’ll probably be called a racist crypto-Confederate. Just take note: If you don’t support the election of Nick Ferrante, they’ve got lots of unpleasant names for you as well.

You elect Mr. Ferrante, and, like it or not, we all get his phalanx of woke warriors ready to swat down any opponents or questioners.

We’ve never seen that before in Peachtree City — a supposedly non-partisan mayoral candidate who receives campaign contributions from the Fayette Democratic Party and whose campaign treasurer is a Fayetteville city councilman and a woke Democrat if there ever was one.

So count at least one woke member of the Board of Education (the star of “Monday Night Live with Lenny” on FaceBook), at least one woke member of the Fayetteville City Council, and the wannabe woke mayor-to-be of Peachtree City. (Maybe the slogan should be, “Wake up! The woke are coming!”)

Mr. Ferrante — even if he has zero experience in governing — certainly has every American’s right to offer himself as a candidate for mayor of Peachtree City. But we voters have some rights also, first being the truth about what the candidate really believes at his core. We’re currently not getting the whole truth from Mr. Ferrante, just the parts that he thinks are electable in what has been a majority conservative electorate.

Here’s a hint of what he will be pushing — a quote from Mr. Ferrante on the need for more affordable apartments to be squeezed into Peachtree City: “… unilaterally shutting down the construction of multi-family housing doesn’t make sense for the overall strength and wellbeing of Peachtree City.” That quote comes from Mr. Ferrante’s answers in an election guide posted by The Peachtree City Moms.

Here’s my summary: If Mr. Ferrante is elected mayor of Peachtree City, he likely will not have the votes on the City Council to enact much of anything on his bubble-frothy public agenda. That will be frustrating to him, and what comes next — based on his behavior so far — is likely to be him using his position as mayor as a bully pulpit to criticize local officials and local voters as being guilty of supporting systemic racism, of being insensitive to the low-cost housing needs of people who want to move to Peachtree City, plus all the self-righteous blather you hear from the national Progressive Democrats.

He won’t have to win a single vote during council meetings. He will take his case to the TV cameras and the AJC. As mayor, whatever the council does or doesn’t do, Nick Ferrante and his far-left agenda, out in the open at last, will be the face and voice of Peachtree City to the outside world. Do you want that? Then you should vote for Mr. Ferrante.

Bottom line: You want to elect Peachtree City’s first Progressive woke mayor — and his Progressive chorus of Cassandras’ followers? Then vote for Nick Ferrante and his frothy bubble platform. And buckle up to be harangued in TV news conferences called for the sole purpose of advancing exactly the far left social and political positions to which he pledged his allegiance in order to get the support of Run For Something, the avowedly Progressive leftist organization.

Though he has evaded any mention of those hard-left political pogroms, Mr. Ferrante’s heart likely beats for that ideology that aggressively presses for “pro-choice, pro-universal health care, pro-LGBTQ equality, pro-criminal justice reform; pro-working families and organized labor, pro-voting rights, pro-campaign finance reform, who focus on inequality, fair wages, and job creation; who acknowledge that climate change is real, man-made, and our responsibility to fight; and who will fight to reduce gun violence in their community” — the entire AOC-infused notion of activist politics. That’s what Mr. Ferrante 6 months ago pledged to advocate for as mayor of Peachtree City — whatever his Magic Bubble platform says.

Thanks, but no. I will vote for one of the other candidates for mayor.

[Cal Beverly has been editor/publisher of The Citizen since 1993.]


  1. Does not matter who you vote for, since Peachtree City is in a republican controlled county, which is in a republican controlled state. It does not matter who wins. If the candidate is not a republican controlled and in step within the republican party. One person out of state will declare that fraud occurred and the election will be nullified and the party controlled candidate of choice will be mayor. That being the case a woke person being elected may just put more spotlight on election not mattering as long as one party controls all levels of government.

  2. It’s sad much like the Presidential election our local paper is pushing one candidate. What concerns me more is both Nick and Kim believed that Joe Biden was the right choice for president. So sad for our city that one of these two will probably win.

    • Nick and Kim and the majority of Americans believed that Joe Biden was the BETTER choice for president. We didn’t have much of a choice last time. Apparently, most people voted AGAINST a candidate rather than FOR one.

      • I’ll note your use of past tense.

        More people think Biden won the election due to fraud (32% per Monmouth Research) than strongly support Biden (just 22% per Rasmussen) Our Dementia Patient in Chief isn’t likely to survive his first term without either a resignation or impeachment at the rate his numbers are dropping.

        Let’s Go Brandon.

        • “More people think Biden won the election due to fraud…” – not at all surprising. People are gullible, easily manipulated, and blindly believe whatever is blasted to them constantly. It doesn’t matter what side of the political spectrum you are on. I voted for Biden and although I’m not excited about his presidency, I’m still glad I did. The party that lost always paints a picture that it’s the end of the world and stupid people believe it. Wasn’t at all thrilled about Trump (obviously), but I also realize that our country wouldn’t implode under his leadership. It’s the same currently. Biden is merely a placeholder for the next person and life will go on. Republicans always, always, always fall back on socialism BS and Dems always use the racist card to describe their counterparts. It’s so predictable.

      • Scary that what we saw from Joe in the debates and leading up to the election that people thought Joe was the right man to lead this country. That’s my issue with these two never Trumpers. They couldn’t look past mean tweets to see what a non politician had done for this country. Good news is Joe’s got this!

    • I think the editor promotes honesty and transparency in the political process, as do I. Though, with aging, I have developed conservative tendencies, I cast my wholehearted votes for Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden and against Donald Trump. The GOP provided no option in 2020 and I personally wanted to vote for John Kasich in the 2016 general election.

      I don’t think anyone needs to worry about Nick Ferrante getting elected. As for Kim Leonard, she’s has a good chance to become our next mayor. I have concerns about redevelopment of Huddleston Road and I will like to better understand her thoughts about it. Given the political extremism proliferated by the media, I think we have two or three very electable and acceptable candidates for mayor.

    • Hey pal…..not sure if you’ve ever noticed this, but newspapers generally DO endorse a candidate in elections…..the vast majority endorsed Clinton and Biden in ’16 and ’20, respectively. Did that sadden you too? Besides – Cal is the EDITOR of this newspaper…..Editors give OPINIONS…….get over yourself and your snowflake feelings. One last thing – if you can tell me which candidate he’s supporting based on this article, you must be a codebreaker because I see no endorsement of anything, except an endorsement of transparency.

      • I’m not your pal. Of course every choice is an endorsement of something. That includes writing, art, speech, baseball, carpentry, television viewing, etcetera. However, I didn’t see a “mass majority” endorsing anything in 2016 or 2020. What does make me sad, is disappointment. It seems there is far more ignorance and illiteracy than I realized.

        Here’s another one for you. The Fayette County Board of Education (FCBOE) can do a better job of teaching critical thinking. I am continually learning from my Kids, maybe you can as well.

        • My post wasn’t directed at you, Doug. It was directed at “Savethebubble”. This “reply” format doesn’t post the reply directly underneath the comment you want, it just dumps it at the end of all the replies to a comment.

          And if you didn’t see 90% of the major print and television media endorsing Clinton in 16 or Biden in 20, then you have some major blind spots.

          Agree on the schools and critical thinking. Shoot – they need to at least teach SPELLING. Did you know elementary schools don’t teach spelling in Fayette County? My 5th grader hasn’t had a single spelling test in all his years at Braelinn Elementary. Just freaking ridiculous.

  3. C’mon Cal, this editorial opinion piece is wrought with political clichés (“woke warriors”) and overhyped mischaracterizations that quite frankly I would expect from some of your readers, but not the editor-in-chief of the local newspaper. Emotions seem to be running high and getting the best of you.

  4. Peachtree City – where we’ll leave the gaslight on for you!

    It wouldn’t take 1600 words to make a succinct case if there was one to be made. I think what we’re seeing here is Cals hardline, borderline extremist personal view that has almost zero room for differing opinions. It’s a sincere effort to manipulate peoples opinions. If you’ve been around long enough this is nothing new, and going low has historically been the modus operandi of The Citizen and why its no longer in print.

    The real heart of this and the tension between folks in Peachtree City is the goal to make it a retirement community, and those of us that work and have growing families and thought we moved to a family community. All of the candidates running have had their time in the spotlight. They’ve had their chances to try. On some fronts, they’ve done well. On others, we’ve had multi-decade issues that haven’t budged… and recycling the same folks that were around for the failures of the past (Learnard, Imker, Haddix, Ernst) is a recipe to tack on another decade of suffering with those problems.

    We have a council that votes and has no more power than the Mayor. Its a system that exists to create balance. What you’re seeing here, is a fear driven desire to squash anyone whom isn’t a part of the current political machine. This isn’t a dictatorship no matter how much they want you to believe it.

    I for one am excited to have a candidate that has a job, a family, and can actually relate to the people of Peachtree City. This is a family community. And we need real representation.

    Read all of their platforms and make the decision for yourself.

    • I’m actually going to stick up for Learnard here and say that she doesn’t belong in the same group as these other retreads. She did not tolerate council’s shady attempts at off-the-record dealings with Great Wolf Lodge, and unlike Imker and Ernst, flatly declined an inappropriate meeting request with their representatives and attorney. She stuck up for her constituents’ concerns about the impact of the resort. And she did not hesitate to call out some clearly ginned up numbers in GWL’s proposal. If Nick weren’t on the ballot, I might have voted Learnard.


      Frankly, I’m surprised the good-old-boy club isn’t attacking her the way they’re attacking Nick. But then again it would be bad business to attack one of your advertisers.

      • She’s pushing development on Huddleston Road, which is a massive red flag. Why would you want to add more development in close proximity to the worst intersection in town (54/74)? Adding more it is horribly tone deaf and short sighted. It’s basically like trying to put out a fire with gasoline. The fact that we all know this makes it a hard “no” unless you enjoy sitting and waiting there.

        It a pretty serious lack of judgement and a forced error.

        • The way I see it, Huddleston Road is mostly developed, but without sewer and sidewalk/cart path infrastructure. The traffic is crazy at rush hour.

          By improving the infrastructure, we get the carts off the road and onto a safer path system so they are out of the traffic flow. There are some properties on that road that sorely need upgrading, I think its worth talking about, but a long shot.

          I love Kims position on improving our ballfield sites, where families and kids probably gather more than any one location in this city. The level our ball parks have disintegrated to is embarrassing. Compared to what other communities have done with their ball field assets, well we are 20 years behind times, except we did add “card machines: so the lights can be turned on.. Puke Brandon! Never seen such, so embarrassing! Ball fields should be income generators for the community, with weekend tournaments where other communities travel here to watch kids play ball, they stay the weekend and spend there money here.

          Instead we drive multiple hours to watch our kids and grandkids play ball…
          PTC needs a complete overhaul on how it approaches our ball field assets.

          I’m voting for Kim Learnard!

        • The 54/74 problem is a monster we created. First we artificially drove up the cost of living in this town and forced people to locate outside of the city just to find affordable housing, mostly into Sharpsburg. Then we greenlight every corporate franchise we could along that road just to add to the mess the three box stores already had going since the early 2000’s. So now people that work in Peachtree City have to live outside of Peachtree City, either choosing affordable housing or simply newer and nicer houses on the other side of Line Creek.

          The rational answer here is NOT to cut our own throats by denying further economic development adjacent to a bad intersection. The answer is to fix the arterial connects that connect PTC to everywhere else.

          • I disagree that we “artificially drove up the cost of living in this town and forced people to locate outside of the city just to find affordable housing”…

            I’ve lived here since 1972, before I was of the age to drive and have lived here 90% of the time since. I’ve rented apartments on Willow Road and Twiggs Corner, owned a condo in Cobblestone, bought my first starter home from Ravin Homes and live gloriously today still in PTC. Raised 3 kids here, 2 of which their own homes here and the 3rd will move here next year. If there is a will there is a way.

            IMO, its a cop out to say its not affordable, its a choice. I really appreciate the way the city protected my home values and the foresight the leadership had and delivered to on its plan! Not always perfect, but pretty close.

            Over the years I’ve known many who once lived in PTC, but moved to Coweta because yes, they got more bang for the buck in home and land square footage. We preferred the life style offered by PTC vs. Sharpsburg so chose to live here. I always looked at it as living in the City or the Country. You can do things in country you can’t in the city and vice-versa.

            To my knowledge, the affordable living spaces I once occupied are still here, plus many more. The charter has always been to provide something for everyone and we do. Its a matter of making lifestyle choices.

          • As far as 54/74 intersection goes, I agree its a nightmare at rush hour. But compared to Hwy 154 & I85 in Sharpsburg or Hwy 34 & I85 in Newnan or Ga 85 and 54 in Fayetteville or Hwy 85 in Riverdale or Hwy74 and I85 in Fairburn, they are all the same. This isn’t just a PTC problem. There are very few densely populated areas in the world that got it right, at least not from what I have seen as I traveled it. Thank goodness we have cart paths to transition around it here! I wish I knew the answer, but keep thinking that extending TDK Blvd into Coweta would provide some relief for the next decade or two..

          • Your disagreement is based entirely on your desire to live here. Which is all fine and good until you desire to live somewhere else. It’s a matter of fact – not a copout – that housing in PTC is 39.7% higher than Newnan and 20% higher than Fayetteville. I know plenty of people who grew up here but own houses on the other side of Line Creek because simply put it doesn’t make any sense to pay more to live in PTC when you can live near PTC.

          • My point is it is affordable, no matter your age or level of income if you want to live here and enjoy the amenities this city has built out and send your kids to the schools in this county.

            Yeah, you might get a bigger house for the money in Coweta, but the schools haven’t been as good historically, (although improving) and there are no cart paths in the pastures of Sharpsburg, but you can shoot skeet and have bon-fires whenever..

            Its not a fair comparison, nor should it be.. Two different places and plans.

        • She is still talking about bringing a countywide transportation system here. She has also posted wanting a federal healthcare system. She thinks she’s the great negotiator and unifier. She is not.

          Her focus is on recreation, Huddleston and consolidation of power. The rec committee is gone, she voted to take over WASA, dissolve our development authority, put staff on the CVB and her platform is always one she will do, never once she will try to work with council. She has no plan for economic development, she called him Imker and economic genius. She has no problem with tax increases. And the list goes on. Our tax bills are the highest in the county, except for the BOE.

          Do not kid yourself, the two of them running our power-hungry. Imker round his thumb and declared he wanted to control every penny spent. She agreed.

    • You mean the councils of the last eight years, not me. Read the city charter, the mayor does have more power. My struggle to get things done was because of the mayor and councilmembers of the last eight years, who were the majority vote when I was mayor. Two of which are running for mayor and another shares their thinking.

      It takes economic development to bring young people here. It is called jobs. Nick has no economic development plan. I raised my son here. Lake City Florida is a retiree city, you don’t want that here. He has already taken a platform repeating the errors of the last eight years.

      Look in my background on my website. If far exceeds Nick’s.

      • Speaking of the mistakes of the last 8 years… you keep pointing out that you weren’t able to get anything done because of your own abject inability to build consensus. Nothing you have posted here or on your blog indicates in any way that you’ve improved your ability to win friends and influence enemies.

  5. I have physical evidence of Nicks acceptance of endorsement of “Down Ballot Dems”, and acknowledged received money from Democrat party

    If paper or anyone else would like the screen shots of him saying it in his own words contact me and I can provide for paper and or personal record

    PS he said this on Facebook messenger to me directly

  6. Has anyone here invested in a home or lifestyle in a city or community that was ruined by Democrat politicians and their liberal policies for zoning, transportation (MATA), traffic and multi use residential, etc.?

    I have…it was Riverdale in the 1980’s…go back and research what happened there.

    Just look at liberal/Democrat cities today.

  7. So, is the issue he’s running as a “progressive”? Seems you are more concerned he’s a Democrat, or someone that leans to the left, than what he is actually running for. If that’s the case, whatever happened to neutral and balanced journalism?
    I do agree we need to hear more from Mr. Ferrante, as we do from all the candidates. I don’t condone “bullying” people into carrying out personal agendas. I prefer ideas are put to the public, revealing all cards on the table, and let the public drive the educated result. Using words like “woke” and “progressive” to scare people seems disingenuous. Does our city have areas of opportunity? Absolutely. Affordable housing shouldn’t be a bad phrase. Development can be a positive for a community, as long as it is monitored and free of corruption. Fixing the 54/74 intersection seems like it’s more a plus for the community and less a partisan issue.
    And since when did “progressive” become a bad word? If it were not for progressive thinking, we wouldn’t have laptop computers, smart phones, or a way to get rid of polio. We wouldn’t have cars with back up cameras, golf cart paths for a burgeoning community, streaming entertainment, or craft beers. We wouldn’t have things like Amber alerts, Police body cameras, Vibrashaft Dirty Water Spinnerbaits, or loaded potato pizza at Partners II Pizza. Progressive isn’t bad, it’s just a little scary because it involves change. At the end of the day, change is how we grow, and become better, whether you lean left or right, or ride the center line.

  8. Well said Cal. Nick no doubt comes across as immature with his attacks on detractors. Nick did a great job of showing that in his response to your editorial “fact check”. He is no doubt a stealth candidate, and I really find it hard to believe anyone could even begin to be fooled by what he really represents. His message board followers have the company line woke responses. So tiresome.

  9. This seems like a tempest in a teapot.

    This isn’t a national political race, but a local mayoral election. One either likes what this guy will do for PTC or what someone else will do. Trump, Biden, Pelosi, etc. aren’t very relevant to this local race unless one is a dichotomous reasoner.

    • The PAC has George Soros fingerprints all over it, making Nicks candidacy very concerning in view of the terrible challenges other communities are faced with by having elected Soros backed candidates. For the sake of this outstanding community, I’m not voting for Nick and hope you don’t either.

      • I’m not suggesting that this guy is the best candidate. However, any community that elects homogeneous, ideological candidates deprives itself of potentially creative alternatives. Once groupthink sets in, you get few novel options.

        Heterogeneity of thought should be celebrated, not villanized. This truth has been discarded nationally to the country’s detriment. PTC can do better.

          • If you had paid attention to Nick’s stated ideas instead of what the mud-slinging establishment lackeys posing as conservatives have been saying about him here, you’d realize that Nick’s ideas have no budgetary impact. They’re all about rolling back the regulatory environment and allowing private business owners to expand and flourish.

            His platform ideas are fundamentally conservative, small government, and pro-family. And anyone who paid attention to Newt Gingrich in the 2000’s would recognize them, since he was one of the biggest voices promoting public-private partnerships.

          • The U.S. was founded on a wide heterogeneity of ideas by a varied group of enlightened men who were thinkers first and politicians second. Even a cursory review of late 18th century American history dispels groupthink among the founders. By the time Jefferson was running against Adams in 1800, groupthink had emerged.

  10. Cal:

    Thank you for putting into words what so many of us are thinking and feeling. The silent majority can see through Ferrante’s nonsense – but you communicated that for us better than we could have.

    I agree – Ferrante’s supporters will launch into personal attacks on you and others who oppose him. That’s what people do when they can’t win an argument with facts or logic: they turn to emotion and start tearing apart the messenger with character assaults, false accusations, and name-calling. Wear it with a badge of honor….it only means you’re getting awfully close to the truth – that often times the leftists don’t want exposed for all to see.

    • Ha! All the wailing and gnashing of teeth from the regular Cons indicates that you believe Nick has a real chance. Something that you can’t bear to say out loud. I’m going to vote for him just to spite you all.

      • You’re incorrect. I don’t believe Nick has a shot. He might be lucky and force a runoff but he’ll get smoked if he does.

        Can you name one specific policy that Ferrante has proposed that you’re 100% behind? That’s why you should vote for him. If you can’t, then you’re being an irresponsible and uneducated voter.

        • Due to Cal’s wonderful opinion piece and your wailing, I’ll be heading on down tomorrow, around noon, to vote for Nick Ferrante.

          And just to let you in on a little something, wing_t, I don’t need to justify my vote with anyone – let alone you. Chew on that.

          • The only thing that would convince me now or at any point, with any candidate, is if they did something that I deemed so egregious that would warrant me to no longer support them. Doesn’t everyone base their decisions on that? I mean, not one of the candidates is going to be the savior of PTC and on the flip side, none of them are going to ruin PTC either. Heck, we made it through Haddix’s term and we’re still humming along.