In support of Hoffman’s critique of Biden


I believe most people supported the idea the United States should get out of Afghanistan, myself included. I think Trey Hoffman was spot on with his assessment, in his 19 Aug 21 Letter to the Editor, of the mind-think of the Democrat party.

Hypocrisy is the number one rule with Democrats. All the cow excrement emoting about the “oppressed” all falls flat when it gets in the way of Democrat agendas … and such is the case here in Afghanistan.

If the actual cluster that was the “evacuation” wasn’t bad enough, it is the blatant disrespect the President displayed by checking his watch during the transfer of the fallen soldiers as they came home for the final time. It should make every American sick to their stomach to watch this and to consider this callous action by our Commander in Chief; it tells a lot about the kind of person Joe Biden really is. A simple act so displays the hypocrisy of Biden and the Democrat mind think Trey spoke of.

And then Biden continues by bumbling though a national speech, once again, emoting Biden’s sorrow about his son Beau’s death (not from combat or terrorist act but a medical condition) and, childishly, continuing to blame an ex-President for his woes; my dog ate my homework.

The speech had nothing to do with trying to soothe a nation in mourning or quell the rising anger and it certainly wasn’t unifying; it was all about Joe Biden.

Anyone thinking the Afghan Army was going to stand up to the Taliban on their own would have to be delusional … or a senior military “advisor.” Didn’t we learn anything from Vietnam and the immediate cave of the South Vietnamese Army (the second longest war this county has fought)?

One big hint things weren’t gonna go the way the USA wanted in Afghanistan was when its president bugged out the back door with a tidy retirement fund from the national coffers. Leadership by example. Hard to want to fight for your country when its leader bails on you.

The proper way the USA should have left Afghanistan was to leave the Taliban NOTHING. No potential American hostages, no societal cleansing by executing our Afghani allies and nothing but dust in the warehouses stockpiled with US armaments.

But that didn’t happen. And in the process 13 Marines died as a result of Joe Biden’s incompetence. No soldiers had died in the last almost 2 years in Afghanistan prior to this event; this was a big “flip the bird” to the USA courtesy of ISIS-K, aided and abetted by none other than the Commander in Chief himself.

The getting out wasn’t the problem. What was the problem was the uncaring way Democrat Biden executed his unilateral decision. And this time around it wasn’t only “F” our Afghan allies but “F” those American citizens left behind as well.

Mike Mahoney

Fayetteville, Ga.


  1. The fundamental cause of this fiasco is Biden’s vanity. Trump had negotiated a solid agreement for pulling our troops out in May. The Taliban agreed to respect US forces during the handoff and to work with the Afghan government to share power. Biden did not want Trump to have a win during his administration. So instead of May, he unilaterally delayed the withdrawal to be closer to the 9/11 anniversary. Biden’s breach of the agreement broke a negotiated agreement with the Taliban, which gave them the excuse to begin a takeover of Afghanistan. Then Biden panicked and ordered a hasty retreat weeks ahead of schedule. So now the Taliban have $85bn worth of high tech war material. And by some reports, 17 American hostages.

    I’m not sure at this point if impeachment or court martial is more appropriate.

    • Trump also made clear if the Taliban screwed with *any* American while the draw down and evacuation was taking place he would rain down hellfire and damnation; bomb them back into the stone age. And Trump had proven his mettle when the USA reached out and “touched” Qasem Soleimani.

      This is how you deal with the likes of radical Islamic terrorists and those supporting them; using swift, brutal, uncompromised lethal power. Unfortunately, “Macho Joe” talked big on the campaign trail about going behind the gym or pushup competitions …but when the rubber hits the road, the Democrat Biden runs away and lets a crowd of ignorant sheep herders hold him and the USA to account. Pathetic.