The bloody disregard of the Left


Back when Barack Obama was president, he looked at the situation in Afghanistan and decided not to follow through on his campaign promise to pull out our troops because he rightly concluded that doing so would be a humanitarian and national security catastrophe.

I guess he didn’t consult Old Joe, who was reported by Richard Holbrooke, Special Envoy to Afghanistan, to have said “F- them” when it came to the fate of Afghani citizens in light of a full U.S. withdrawal.

I guess now we know he meant it.

But, we should not be surprised by this type of callousness when it comes to the Left, which Biden obviously is now officially a part of, even though he was nominated and elected based on being a “moderate.”

Ironically, the Left always uses compassion and sympathy for various groups to justify their illiberal and often violent takeover of institutions and societies, whether it be the peasants of the French Revolution, the proletariat of the Russian Revolution, or the “oppressed minorities” of the current Leftist revolution happening in our country.

Left-wing politicians, pundits, and media figures emote about their concern for this group or that group, and use their high-profile empathy as a cudgel to force their views on society, or else.

With the Russian Bolsheviks, the “or else” was at least property theft, but often progressed quickly to imprisonment and execution.

The “or else” of our current Leftist elite starts with coerced silence, then moves to social media cancellation, and culminates in termination and even, in some cases, incarceration. Certain groups of the new Left, like Antifa and BLM, even resort to violence to perpetrate their particular agenda, with no consequence and no condemnation for their overlords in politics and media.

And yet, when it comes to actually caring for human beings, the Left falls very short. Starting with the most vulnerable and truly oppressed class in our country — the unborn — the Left is happy to sacrifice actual human life to achieve their goals of sexual freedom and radical personal autonomy.

But the persecution does not stop there. The Left also completely ignores the impact of cancelling pipelines or oil leases on the workers and families who depended on those jobs and who often have no other options that even come close to paying the same wage.

They don’t care about the hundreds and thousands of innocent murder victims that result from their latest crusade to vilify the police or coddle the criminal class. Or the illegal immigrants who are raped and robbed by coyotes in response to Biden essentially opening the border, or the American citizens along the border who are exposed to the significant portion of illegals who are infected with Covid.

Nope, all of these people who suffer at the hands of Democratic, Leftist policies are what Mao referred to when he said that to effect a socialist revolution, you’re gonna have to break a few eggs to make an omelet. Or, the same sentiment was summed up by Stalin who said the death of an individual was a tragedy, but the death of millions a statistic.

And now we’re seeing this bloody disregard for human life on full display in Afghanistan, where Biden, against advice of intelligence officials and the military, precipitously pulled out of Afghanistan, leaving thousands of American citizens to fend for themselves and tens of thousands of Afghani allies of the American government to die at the hands of the Taliban. Not to mention the millions of girls who will now be enslaved by forced marriages and denied schooling and basic human rights.

But what’s a few broken eggs when you get to enjoy the omelet of being able to proclaim “I got us out of Afghanistan,” which was a war started by those evil Republicans 20 years ago. Biden figured he’d be a hero to the Left and even to many on the right who had grown weary of the protracted military endeavor, and that may be the case. But even if it does benefit him politically, is it worth the blood on his hands? I think not.

In the end, I do not think this will benefit him politically. Leftist ideology and fantasy always fails in the end because it comes up against reality and truth, and loses. Whatever delusion drove Biden’s thinking on Afghanistan also drives his approach to the economy, sexual politics, energy, and any other facet of public life, and I pray that when his ideology once again runs into the wall of reality, it doesn’t result in more bloodshed. But if it does, I’m confident what Biden will say: “F- them.”

Trey Hoffman

Peachtree City, Ga.


  1. This is a terrible situation and every president from George W on (Trump included) is culpable. But to stay there another 20 years would be a tragedy too. There was too much corruption inherent in Afghanistan for it to ever work, and any pullout would be problematic.

  2. Too soon, Mr. Hoffman.

    Like most people, I have been hearing about the horrifying and stunning situation in Afghanistan, as it unfolds. I am in shock and deeply saddened.

    I daresay there is enough responsibility and blame to go around (for this war badly begun 20 years ago and for being badly ended, as we are seeing).

    I don’t have the heart to express an opinion on your letter. Either on the handling of our leaving Afghanistan or on the litany of subjects you somehow attach–abortion, ecology, police racism and brutality, immigration…

    Contrary to your depiction of an unfeeling “leftie”, I am hoping we
    open our hearts and assist those effected by our ill-fated
    decisions in any way possible.

    For once, I am willing to join you as we lament.
    (Yes, BUFFdriver, there are times we ought to be sad).

    The blame can wait.

  3. The President stated “the US was not aware of Americans having trouble getting through Taliban checkpoints and to the airport.

    Minutes later Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said there are reports of Americans having “problems” reaching check points. Some news outlets have reported Americans have been beaten.

    We have a leadership problem once again.

    • But look on the bright side. We have an adult in the Oval Office who holds press conferences and answers questions from reporters on the ideological right without recriminations or insults. We have a national press that regularly criticizes the President without fear of reprisals or “losing access.” The press is free to do what it is supposed to do: report the good and bad. Thank the gods for returning us from Pravda.

  4. Most of Hoffman’s points have been refuted at length in these pages already, but here are his major misconceptions:

    President Trump (hardly a leftist) negotiated our departure from Afghanistan, and President Biden followed through. One can fault Biden for the chaotic exit from the war, but both presidents were fully in favor of leaving. I will go out on a limb here and guess that the right will have much more difficulty than the left welcoming tens of thousands of Afghan immigrants (interpreters, guides, etc.) who will bring their Muslim religion.

    Despots from 20th century history were cherry picked. Right wing fascist such as Hitler, Mussolini, Franco, Pinochet, etc. were omitted. The salient feature of these right- and left-wing tyrants is not their political ideology, but rather their authoritarianism and intolerance of dissent.

    Thomas Jefferson was the most outspoken proponent of the French Revolution among the Founding Fathers. He was a staunch anti-federalist and states rights proponent, hardly a leftist.

    Both ends of the ideological spectrum favor some groups and “leave behind” others. Trey only identifies one end of this scale. Progressives would say that conservatives abandon women’s rights, immigrants, the poor, people without health insurance, people of color, etc. Neither side perfectly embraces their favored groups nor abandons the group favored by the other as Hoffman posits. E.g., all conservatives do not hate Blacks; all progressives do not disfavor the police. This dichotomous reasoning is Hoffman’s most pervasive error in logic that pervades his weekly jeremiads.

    • No they haven’t. They’ve been mocked, ridiculed, and even railed against. People have called for Trey to be censored, muzzled, and worse. But not one of the shrill voices of the Standing Committee of the Left here has done anything approaching an honest refutation of a single one of Hoffman’s letters.

      Let’s not pretend actual dialogue is occurring here.

  5. Let the games begin! Preview of upcoming comments from the Left:

    -Trey is a sad man
    -Tucker Carlson said something
    -Blah blah blah. No facts or substance to our counter argument, just blah blah blah
    -Fox News is biased! And yet CNN, MSNBC, New York Times, NPR, etc are completely objective and neutral
    -Let’s verbally attack Trey and insult Trey because his letter is pretty darn good and we can’t refute it. How dare he speak the truth. So verbally attack Trey we shall!
    -Here’s some blah blah blah that isn’t true. But we will post it in the comment section and make it sound credible

    Did I miss anything?