Amorous couple parked in Fayette Pavilion arrested on multiple charges


Two Union City women were arrested in the early morning hours of July 11 on multiple charges after being found partially unclothed in a car at the Fayette Pavilion and refusing to comply with officers’ instructions. Forced entry by officers into the vehicle resulted in one of the women spraying and splashing a cleaning solution in an officer’s face and eyes.

Bridgett Cornett Bowles, 56, of Union City, was charged with obstructing law enforcement officers, simple battery against police, public indecency and loitering or prowling, according to Fayette County Jail records.

Brittany Chantil Gant, 33, of Union City, was charged with public indecency, loitering or prowling and obstructing law enforcement officers, Fayette County Jail records said.

Fayetteville Police Department spokesperson Ann Marie Burdett said on July 11 at approximately 3:59 a.m., while performing a security check at the Fayette Pavilion, an officer observed a tan sports utility vehicle backed into a parking space.

“Upon closer inspection of the vehicle, the officer discovered it tinted, and the windows appeared fogged up as if the vehicle was occupied. The officer performed a security check on the suspicious vehicle,” said Burdett. “Upon closer inspection, the officer saw two unidentified females partially unclothed in the back seat moving inside the vehicle.”

Burdett said the vehicle occupants acknowledged the officer’s presence, and the officer issued verbal commands to both occupants, which were ignored by both females.

“The office issued repeated commands for the females to open the car door and exit the vehicle. The occupants refused to comply with the officer’s commands. The officer requested an additional officer to assist with the call. The officer could see the occupants reaching around inside the vehicle after being ordered to exit the vehicle.

The officer observed the females putting on clothing while they waited for the second officer to arrive.”

Once the second officer arrived, the officer gave additional verbal commands for the females to exit the vehicle. The officer observed one of the females reach over the backseat and into the rear compartment,” said Burdett.

“The officer unholstered their service pistol and began issuing commands for the female to stop reaching. The female continued reaching and grabbed what appeared to be a tree branch and waved it at the officer, and then laid it down on the seat,” said Burdett. “The officer holstered their weapon and continued to give verbal commands to the females to open the door.

“After several failed attempts to have the females open and exit the vehicle, forced entry was made into the vehicle, and the females were removed from the vehicle. While forced entry to the vehicle was made, one of the females sprayed and poured an unknown liquid into the officer’s eyes, face and body,” Burdett added.

Burdett said medics were called to the scene to treat the officer. The substance thrown on the officer was determined to be a carwash cleaning solution.

Bowles and Gant both denied any injuries and refused medical attention, Burdett added.

An inventory search of the subject’s vehicle was conducted before it was towed away. During the inventory, a railroad spike was located under the driver’s seat, and a loaded handgun was discovered in the rear cargo area, as well as Georgia IDs found in the rear cargo area of the vehicle. The pistol and IDs were collected and placed in the Fayetteville Police Department’s Property and Evidence Room for safekeeping, Burdett noted.

Bowles and Gant were transported to the Fayette County jail and turned over to jail personnel. Criminal warrants were sought and obtained and were served on both women later at the jail, said Burdett.


  1. Its frightening to read how some people have arrived at the conclusion that the allegations made by the police are in fact true after reading one side of the story. These are simply allegations and should be viewed with healthy skepticism until both sides are heard.
    I myself have been accosted by the police in that parking lot at 10:45 in the morning sitting in my car waiting for my wife to come out of a store because I have trouble with crowds since coming home from Iraq.
    The police viewed me as “suspicious”
    Can you guess why?

  2. Well, a disinterested passer by might have easily concluded that this was nothing more than a very early morning MOTHER-DAUGHTER ‘chit-chat’ session about SALES and BARGAINS in the Pavilion Car Park – that is until that RAILROAD SPIKE came into the picture and neither one of these lovely, upstanding and model citizen ‘LADIES’ turned out to be a TRAIN CONDUCTOR or an IRON WORKER! Many thanks to our AMAZING FAYETTEVILLE POLICE DEPARTMENT OFFICERS for bringing this ‘Fishing Expedition’ to a merciful and timely end! HOOK ‘EM DANO!

  3. How about just comply with the officers lawful request, that’s what any law abiding citizen would do? I’ve never been tased, beaten or otherwise mistreated by law enforcement. They had probable cause to investigate further. Everyone gets their day in court, arguing or trying to adjudicate an incident on the street will never work. Be polite, do what your told, what’s so hard about that?!

  4. A hotel room would have been much more economical than the fines these ladies are sure to face. But really, who cares if two adults engage in some consensual anatomical exploration at 4 a.m. with no one around? When it became clear that nothing nefarious was afoot, why not give this a pass? After all, girls just wanna have fun.