Fayette schools report low but widespread Covid numbers


Last week’s Covid-19 report for the Fayette County School System showed 25 new student cases and 5 staff members with new infections. High schools and middle schools tallied the most new infections.

Fayette County High, McIntosh and Sandy Creek had 9 cases, while Booth Middle, Flat Rock Middle and Whitewater Middle had 9 student cases, and Rising Starr Middle had one staff member infection.

Two staffers at Inman Elementary and 1 at Peeples had new Covid cases, while 7 students were logged out at Crabapple, Huddleston, Spring Hill and Minter.

The 13 schools affected had a total of 30 new infections, the weekly report showed.

On the other hand, 5 staff members and dozens of students had to miss in-person classes because of exposure to active Covid cases.

For the past week, 232 persons were quarantined, including 227 students.

Even with those numbers, the 262 infected and quarantined students and staff members represented only about 1.1% of the total student body and staff of the school system.