Covid cases in Fayette schools at lowest level since first week in August


Fayette’s 2-week test infection rate falls to 2.4%, lowest since Aug. 3 — 

With the summer surge of Covid-19 in continuing decline across Georgia, the Fayette County School System last week reported the lowest new cases numbers since school started in early August. See a sampling of weekly reports below.

The most recent weekly system report showed 15 new cases across 24 schools, 20,000 students and more than 2,000 teachers and school staff members. That’s lower than the first week of school in early August, when there was no mask mandate.

The system extended the mandatory masking of all who enter school buildings to the last week of Occtober, at which time the mandate will be “reevaluated.”

The new report showed cases among 4 staff members and 11 students, with Whitewater High School leading the chart at 4 students. No new cases were reported in the other 4 high schools, 2 of the 5 middle schools, and 8 of the 14 elementary schools.

That contrasts with unmasked numbers the first week of school in early August. At that time, 35 new cases were reported: 1 staffer and 34 students.

Quarantine numbers also were at their lowest level since school restarted: a total of 2 students in home quarantine and 32 in modified in-school quarantine — 2 staffers and 30 students — for a total of 49.

That contrasts with the July 31 through Aug. 6 total of 207 quarantined because of close contact with persons infected with Covid.

In short, last week was the best Covid report of the new school term.

Across Fayette, new Covid cases are at their lowest level since the first week in August. Fayette reported 197 new cases in the past 2 weeks. That’s down from the summer surge peak of 830 new cases in a 2-week period reported Sept. 3. These figure are from the Ga. Department of Public Health.

The county’s 2-week infection rate — measured by the percentage of positive Covid tests — is at 2.4%, or slightly under 3 infections for every 100 persons tested. That’s the lowest 2-week rate since Aug. 3 when the rate was 2.2%.

There were 44 new hospitalizations of Fayette Covid patients in the past 2 weeks. During that same period, DPH reported 11 Fayette residents died of Covid causes, bringing the pandemic fatality total to 196 residents.

Below, Fayette Schools Covid report for last week in September 2021.

Below, Fayette Schools Covid report for last week in August 2021.

Fayette School System Covid report for week of Aug. 21-27.

Below, Fayette Schools Covid report for first week of the new school term in August 2021.