Multiple gunshots shake up Wisdom Road residents


Reports of multiple gunshots fired in a neighborhood off Wisdom Road left Peachtree City police with no physical evidence and no suspects.

Officers on Nov. 27 at approximately 11:22 p.m. responded to the area of North Fairfield Drive off Wisdom Road in reference to a discharge of firearm complaint.

Multiple residents in the neighborhood reported the sound of gunshots in the area, and some citizens witnessed multiple unknown persons running up the street and an unknown vehicle leaving the area, according to police reports.

Officers conducted a search of the area and were unable to locate any shell casings or any other evidence. The incident appeared to have occurred near the intersection of North Fairfield Drive and Beecham Lane, reports said.

Officers reported that one of the North Fairfield Drive residents was able to provide video footage from his door camera which showed a vehicle leaving just after the sound of gunshots. The noises captured on the video provided by the witness appeared to sound like four quick and consecutive gunshots.

Witness statements were collected and the incident was documented.


  1. Fairfield is almost all rental houses…higher probability of these types of problems….we have one rental house in my area…911 is called about once a month….yard looks horrible…outside A/C unit grown over with vines, little trees springing up from the gutters, loud music after midnight…some minor blood letting from time to time…no evidence of a father…..could the local social monitor go out and talk to the LLC that owns the property and ask them to tidy up the place…maybe throw in a Starbucks gift card.

    • Rental properties are not at higher probability of “these types of problems”. I do think that landlords are leeches on the economy and that they just try to get money out of houses with maintaining them as little as possible. Which is why I think we should have more community land trusts to keep the rent money in the local area and have better maintained properties.

    • Vics – My experience is similar to yours. I’m sure most landlords and renters are upstanding people, but we all cherish the things we own more than something we are only using. I hope the police can identify the shooter or shooters and deal with them appropriately.

      • Right On Stranger than Fiction.
        I had 4 rental houses from 1985 to 2002…my biggest problem was keeping the bedroom door on the frame because the girlfriend was locking out a drunk boyfriend.
        However, I was a good land lord and kept up the property…the big LLC’s that bought so many houses during the great recession just don’t keep property tidy.