Police caution thieves are checking your mailbox before you


Thefts of mail from mailboxes can happen anytime, and today is no exception. The Peachtree City Police Department says it is happening now, and wants residents to be aware.

The department on its Facebook page noted that “We continue to have a problem with thieves stealing mail from residential mailboxes, business mailboxes (especially churches), from the big blue mailboxes in front of Post Office locations, and unfortunately the USPS does experience internal theft.”

Officers noted that mailboxes are easy targets for criminals to steal your checks then take the routing/checking account numbers and print their own check stock, or wash the original checks with chemicals to alter them.

We have also had a history of thieves using makeshift devices to “fish” letters from standalone USPS mailboxes, officers said.

The Peachtree City Post Office on Ga. Highway 74 South was in the news in 2017 after complaints surfaced about undelivered packages, missed and late mail delivery and the condition of the post office facility