Judge Jackson updates probate court operations


A notice updating the operation of the Fayette County Probate Court was issued May 14 by Probate Judge Ann Jackson. The current judicial emergency has been extended until June 12.

Jackson said the judicial emergency ordered by Chief Justice Harold D. Melton of the Ga. Supreme Court has been extended until June 12.

The most recent order allows judges on a case-specific basis to reimpose certain deadlines that would otherwise be tolled by the order and prior orders, and allows judges to establish new deadlines or schedules., Jackson said.

Jackson said any request for an order waiving the deadlines otherwise waived during the judicial emergency period must be in writing, setting forth the reason a waiver is needed and must be filed with the applicable petition or document.

The new order also allows for the acceptance of new and renewal weapons carry license applications, previously considered a non-essential function.

The following are considered essential functions of the probate court:

– Issuance of disposition permits or orders appointing estate representatives for disposal of unclaimed dead bodies;

– Appointment of emergency guardians or conservators for minors and adults;

– Issuance of orders to apprehend and evaluate persons suffering crises as a result of mental illness or substance abuse or petitions for involuntary treatment;

– Administer oaths to public officials needed to perform official duties;

– Issuance of marriage licenses;

– Emergency or urgent matters regarding estates, guardianships; and

– Applications for new or renewal weapons carry licenses.

Some non-essential functions have been and will continue to be processed in a manner that prevents in-person contact with customers. Among those are:

– Intake and process mail and documents delivered to the court, included but not limited to pleadings;

– Reply to telephone calls and provide information;

– Reply to email or fax; and

– Fill written requests for copies of records, files, death certificates for funeral homes and other customers.

Those with questions about the functions of the probate court should call 770-716-4220.