#GottaLoveFayetteville – Open Sesame


So how’s your tissue stash holding up? Now that’s an icebreaker you can use for the next few months. Seriously though Fayetteville how are you?

This week as Seniors celebrate an end of an era local business doors are reopening and feelings are mixed. One thing we all can agree on is NOBODY could’ve predicted 2020 would gut kick us all like this. GO GO GADGET ESCAPE BUTTON!!

Kinda wish Inspector Gadget and Penny were here to figure all this Corona out. (SideNote: That was a helluva cartoon.. was Penny his niece? Those were the good ole days… ok back to the column)

Here’s what I do know Fayetteville… WE’RE STILL STANDING FOR A REASON. Let’s stay connected to what matters most… OUR COMMUNITY! Find ways to congratulate a Senior or make some smile even it is through a face mask because you #GottaLoveFayetteville!💚💛💜


  1. Great column! Using your platform to speak to the community to help out seniors, especially during a time like! We can definitely use this type of encouragement to lift up others! Thank you very much!