A dad assesses Digital Learning Days


Two weeks into Digital Learning Days with our kids. A bit of a learning curve at first, but we are not missing the old routine. I don’t have to drag kids out of bed in time for a school bell. Classwork is generally done by noon. Afternoons are a mix of playtime and “practical learning,” helping with cooking and cleaning.

Don’t get me wrong, we really like the teachers our kids ended up with this year. (Not every year has been this good.) But we don’t miss the traditional school routine.

The thing that holds us back from considering this as a long-term choice is the impact on our work situations. More of an issue for my wife than for me, but there’s no way I could do this without her.

I’m glad we’ve had this experience. I’m sorry for the circumstances, the fear and uncertainty so many in the world are facing right now. I worry about the businesses and restaurants shutting down, how many will have trouble opening up again?

The most disheartening thing to me has been the fear, and the number of people who say that liberty is dispensable. Life and liberty are two parts of a whole. Some seem to have forgotten that. But I am looking for silver linings.

My kids are happy and healthy. I have read many stories about people being phenomenally good to each other. And it’s a beautiful, sunny afternoon.

The world isn’t over yet, and we’ll come through this a little bit wiser.

Danny Dolan

Tyrone, Ga.