Better Business Bureau warns of coronavirus scams


The Coronavirus has everyone on edge. The uncertainty of the virus has caused massive shutdowns of schools and events, and some are panicking, buying food and household items. Historically, the Better Business Bureau (BBB) has seen the best in people during anxious times. However, BBB knows that confusion can bring out scams and frauds that prey on people’s fears.

BBB was recently informed that consumers are receiving phone messages from a company calling from 844-989-1702. The message urges consumers to keep their family safe and secure from the Coronavirus by purchasing healthcare plans from the caller. (You can listen to an audio file of this call in the file at the end of this article.) BBB attempted to contact the business to learn more, and when returning the call, no immediate company name was given. Questions were asked of the BBB representative if they were over or under the age of 65 and if they had Medicare/Medicaid or any governmental health plan. When the BBB representative asked for a company name, the representative hung up. Further attempts to call the company were not successful, and we believe the telephone number was spoofed.

Is this illegal? No. Is this concerning? Yes. Think of our senior citizens who live alone and answer these types of calls. They could be “scared” into buying healthcare coverage that is not needed and could be costly.

BBB advises consumers to check on elderly relatives and friends to ensure they are not opting into healthcare plans or medical equipment out of fear. No company should use a national emergency to solicit business.

Visit the BBB webpage dedicated to issues arising from the Coronavirus.

Consumers can obtain current and factual information by visiting the CDC’s website.

If you have been a victim of a scam, let us know. By reporting your information you could prevent others from being victims. Please visit

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