Help FCHS Marching Tigers with new uniforms


I am currently a senior at Fayette County High School and a proud Fayette County Marching Tiger. Every fall, we infuse our hearts, souls, sweat, and tears into every single performance, from the music to the choreography to the drill.

We pride ourselves on presenting the best version of ourselves, representing Fayette County the best we can. However, with all the grueling dedication, our uniforms cannot keep up.

A normal marching band will use their uniforms for 7 years. Ours, which debuted in 2009, have seen 10 years of love.

Unfortunately, they cannot keep up with the rigor. We are now on the mission of giving the Marching Tigers a new look for a new decade. By fall of 2020, the Marching Tigers will be decked out in blazing new uniforms.

There only lies one problem in our vision: new uniforms cost money. This is where we ask for your help. We are reaching out to the community to ask for your support. The new uniforms cost $50,000. Within the span of a weekend, we have raised over $4,000!

This goal is achievable, but only with your support. We would also appreciate it if you can help spread this cause around and make the community aware of it and if possible, even donate.

Click this link to help support us.

Thank you again for your contributions.

Vu Huynh

FCHS Senior

Member of the Fayette County Marching Tigers