Peachtree City man flashes women customers, cashier at McDonald‘s

Aron H. Clark. Photo/Fayette County Jail.
Aron H. Clark. Photo/Fayette County Jail.

A Peachtree City man has been charged with indecent exposure relating to two incidents at the McDonald’s restaurant at the Peachtree Crossings Shopping Center on Ga. Highway 54.

Aron H. Clark, 30, was charged with misdemeanor indecent exposure/public indecency and giving a false name, according to Peachtree City Police Department spokesman Chris Hyatt.

Hyatt said there were two incidents relating to the charges.

The first incident occurred on Jan. 30 when two women were leaving the restaurant. Clark opened the door for them and exited the restaurant behind them, said Hyatt.

Hyatt said the women reported that the man was aroused and was stimulating himself from the exterior of this clothes as he followed them. Officers were called and searched the area but could not locate the man.

The second incident occurred on Feb. 2 at the same location.

This time Clark was inside the restaurant, where he began rubbing his clothed genital area against an interior wall, said Hyatt, adding that Clark then, in an aroused state, exposed himself to the cashier.

Hyatt said officers were called and Clark was arrested at the scene.

The giving a false name charge stemmed from Clark initially giving false information to officer, said Hyatt.