Fayetteville Council sends subdivision plan back to planning commission


The second public hearing before the Fayetteville City Council on Jan. 9 for a proposed 42-lot subdivision along Whitney Street on Fayetteville’s south side was sent back to planning commissioners after the applicant changed aspects of the proposal.

A rezoning proposal for the single-family detached development on Whitney Street, located immediately north of the Summit Point retail center, was recommended for approval Nov. 19 by the Fayetteville Planning and Zoning Commission.

It was during the first public hearing in December that the City Council wanted a second access added to the development, with the applicant subsequently providing a revised site plan showing that access, said Community Development Director David Rast in a Jan. 2 letter.

The applicant prior to the Jan. 9 meeting had removed the second access point and converted the plan to include front-facing garages. Due to those changes, the council removed the item from the agenda.

The applicant will have to address those changes with the Fayetteville Planning Commission.