Jack Wheeler named to Georgia Military Veterans Hall of Fame

U.S. Army Major General Jack Wheeler. Photo/Submitted.
U.S. Army Major General Jack Wheeler. Photo/Submitted.

A prominent Fayetteville resident, retired U.S. Army Major General and Vietnam veteran, Jack C. Wheeler, has been inducted into the Georgia Military Veterans Hall of Fame (GMVHOF).

The announcement was made by GMVHOF founder and director, Col. Paul Longgrear (USA-Ret), of Pine Mountain.

“Gen. Wheeler is among the 15 Hall of Famers inducted into the Class of 2019,” said Longgrear. “Their photos, together with those of the previous 100 inductees, will hang on the Heroes Wall of the Floyd Building in the State Capitol complex in Atlanta,” he added.

A 1962 graduate of the University of North Georgia, Gen. Wheeler’s early Army years encompassed command and staff assignments in Korea, Vietnam and the Pentagon.

However, in 1971, his career took a significant turn, one that would guide the remainder of his 33 years of service, when he was selected as one of the primary action officers to develop plans and policies to institute the All Volunteer Army.

Transitioning from a draft army to a volunteer force was a major shift in training, assigning, moving and promoting a force of 680,000 soldiers, a task for which Gen. Wheeler was a key player in this highly successful unique operation.

While Commanding General of the United States Army Recruiting Command from 1989 to 1993, Gen. Wheeler, without the benefit of the outmoded draft, nonetheless met the challenge of the All Volunteer Army when he was tasked to recruit volunteers to staff a combat force during Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm.

Following the Mideast operations came a downsizing of the Army. Although quotas were actually increased, nonetheless Gen Wheeler implemented higher recruitment standards, further ensuring the quality of the all-volunteer force.

According to Hall of Fame Co-Director and Chairman of the Board Col. Rick White (USA-Ret), nominees must have ties to Georgia and qualify in one of three categories: valor for heroic action in combat; outstanding achievement while in service, or significant local, state or national contributions after leaving active duty.

“This year’s honorees will be inducted at the Seventh Annual Georgia Military Veterans Hall of Fame Ceremony and Banquet at 6 P.M. on November 2 at St. Luke Ministry Center, 301 11th St. in Columbus,” said White. “This annual event is open to the public, and I encourage all interested Georgians to attend.”

For reservation details, visitors are invited to access the Hall of Fame website at http://www.GMVHOF.org.

After his retirement, Gen. Wheeler served for several years as the sales manager for The Citizen Newspapers.