Abortion debate is about life vs. death


I really appreciate the respectful response to my letter by Ms. Scott. I think that this kind of open and respectful debate is what is most missing in our society today, so thank you.

To the reply, however, I must say that my use of the word compromise is correct. Nowhere in my original letter did I state any numbers and that is because this compromise is not about zero weeks vs. 40 weeks, it’s about Life vs. Death.

The compromise that I suggested is being made by religious people is based upon the fact that many of these citizens truly believe that life begins at conception. That is their starting point along with the belief that killing an innocent life is never okay.

Using empirical data that proves beyond a doubt that there is in fact another life inside of the woman who is carrying that life draws a clear line where we as a society can no longer pretend that an abortion after that revelation is not in fact snuffing out a life. If those with deeply held convictions about conception accept this position, then they certainly are compromising.

This science-based approach to limit abortions is being met by the far left with laws that state that in the name of Women’s Rights, it is acceptable to drill a hole in the head of even a viable baby still in the womb, and then go about ripping the head, limbs, and torso out piece by piece. I only describe the procedure in this way so that we can stop sanitizing the carnage.

If that procedure does not describe killing of an innocent, then I am at a loss for words. But to many even that knowledge is not enough to change their position on “Rights” and that is an example of no compromise.

Like Ms. Scott, I too wish that babies are born into a loving relationship, but there are millions who never had the chance and millions of women and men who carry the burden of the truth of a selfish and fatal decision with them every day.

I am not suggesting that these people should be shunned or attacked, but rather that we all should love them and blame our society for instilling in them that this procedure was not and is not what it clearly is.

It does no good for us to teach our daughters and sons that all life is valuable except the life still in the womb. That is a hypocrisy from which we can no longer hide, and it’s time that we sided with Life.

Alan Felts
Peachtree City, Ga.