‘Heartbeat Bill’ is a compromise


A few years ago our former governor vetoed the Religious Freedom Act based upon pressure applied by powerful, self-absorbed, low conscience people in the movie industry. The threat that Hollywood types would boycott the fledgling movie industry in Georgia was the impetus behind the capitulation.

Now, we have voices from that same industry threatening again to boycott Georgia due to the recent passage in the Ga. Senate of the “Heartbeat Bill,” a proposed law that will outlaw abortion of a forming baby once the heartbeat of that baby is identified.

This seems to many who are totally opposed to abortion as a reasonable if still painful compromise. But to the uncompromising radical left, nothing short of the “right” of a woman to destroy the life inside of her right up until the baby’s head has crowned (literally) is acceptable.

It’s one thing to make a political compromise on a bill protecting religious freedom in the name of business interests given the fact that we still have the Freedom of Religion specifically elucidated in the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. But now the real rubber is meeting the road.

Will the owner of Chick-fil-A, the major investor in the movie industry in Georgia stand firm with his faith and his community by not allowing outsiders from California or New York to use the threat of financial pain as leverage against this most basic protection of life itself to force their radical politics on us? Or will he stand with the majority of Georgia voters and citizens to apply a reasonable (though imperfect) constraint on the wholesale slaughter of millions of unborn?

We citizens need to do our part and turn the tables on these pompous script readers who believe that their God-given looks and the ability to act like someone else comports upon them some special social understanding not held by us commoners.

They want to boycott Georgia? It’s time for Georgia and all other life-loving people to refuse to pay for or watch any movie, play, or TV show that chooses to employ these loudmouths. We have the control.

Alyssa Milano is welcome to her opinion and she is welcome to not come to Georgia for her next paycheck. Trust me when I say that there are thousands of talented people who could replace her in a heartbeat.

Alan Felts
Peachtree City, Ga.