8 workers at Fayetteville businesses busted for underage alcohol sales


A March 8 sting in Fayetteville involving alcohol sales to those underage, conducted by the Georgia Department of Revenue (DOR), resulted in citations to employees at eight of the 21 alcohol sales locations checked.

Fayetteville Police Department spokesman Jeff Harris said detectives in cooperation with DOR’s Alcohol and Tobacco Division conducted the underage alcohol operation. A total of 21 establishments were checked.

The offending businesses included restaurants, a convenience store and a supermarket. Out of the 21 locations, eight underage alcohol purchases were made, he said.

DOR used a certified officer, who was under age 21, to make the purchases, Harris added.

The Fayetteville locations where underage purchases were made included:

• Kwickie/Flash Foods, located at 973 Ga. Highway 54 West

• Thai Jasmine, located at 955 Ga. Highway 54 West

• Village Cafe, located at 1240 Ga. Highway 54 West

• Olde Courthouse Tavern, located at 105 Suite B, South Glynn Street

• Oz Pizza, located at 107 East Stonewall Avenue

• Olive Garden, located at 1380 Ga. Highway 85 North

• Your Pie, located at 140 Pavilion Parkway

• Food Depot, located at 200 Banks Station

Harris said the citations were given to the employee selling to the underage officer, adding that those employees had their serving permit suspended.

The cited employees will have to appear in Fayetteville Municipal Court, Harris said.


  1. “DOR used a certified officer, who was under age 21, to make the purchases, Harris added.”

    So the officer can carry a gun legally, kill someone legally, vote legally….but can’t have alcohol legally?? Tells you right there how screwed up this 21 age limit is…

    • When I was in the Army, all the young recruits slotted for training in human intelligence MOSs tried to score a posting at Ft Huachuca. At the time, the post commander there set the age for purchasing and consumption of alcohol to 18, because otherwise, scores of soldiers would go down to Mexico to drink and wind up in trouble. But as an aside, or so I heard, his argument was that if we can trust a kid with the power to kill and destroy life, we ought to trust them to have a six pack from time to time too. Not sure if that’s still the case today.