Out with the old, make way for new Fayetteville city hall

Fayetteville City Manager Ray Gibson. File photo.
Fayetteville City Manager Ray Gibson. File photo.

Demolition next for old offices, part of plan for new municipal complex and park — 

The Fayette County School System’s central office location on Stonewall Avenue in Fayetteville was vacated earlier this month after the move to the nearby Lafayette Education Center. Next up will be the demolition of the building to make way for the new Fayetteville City Hall.

City Manager Ray Gibson on Feb. 15 said the demolition is expected in May, with the design for the new building expected in late March.

Gibson said he hopes to have the city’s new Downtown Planning Committee established and functioning by the time to be able to participate in the unfolding project.

The committee will consist of three council members and eight community members who will be appointed by the mayor and council.

The property purchased from the school system, approximately 10 acres fronting Stonewall Avenue and extending south toward Grady Avenue, will become the home of the new City Hall building and a significant amount of park space.

Conceptual plans for the 10-acre space includes a new City Hall fronting Stonewall Avenue, with an office building, fountains and amphitheater to the rear. One of the expectations for the new building is that municipal court would be housed in the new City Hall.

Continuing south and wrapping around to the west, conceptual plans include several lawn areas with tree bosques (galleries), rain gardens, boardwalks, paths, a pavilion a playground and splash pad. Included in the tentative plans are new street connections, and on-street parking, within the property and with others, such as Heritage Parkway near the library, connecting to it.

The project is expected to be complete in June 2020.

Pertaining to the new Downtown Planning Committee, it will be responsible for developing and updating the long-range plan for the future of the city’s Downtown District, which will provide a long-range blueprint detailing the investment of resources, including human talents, needed to ensure the district’s future economic success for businesses and improved quality of life of residents.