Hate crimes should alarm us all, whether left or right


As I reached the last part of Linda Conley’s letter to the editor and she talked of her father’s service during World War Two, I was struck by the fact that she did not see the connection between the reason for her father going to war and the atmosphere in society today.

Would her father approve of men marching through our streets carrying Nazi flags, shooting at synagogues, screaming about making America white again? The rise in hate crimes in this country should be alarming to an educator. Instead, she berates a young man for his opinions implying he will end up living in his parents’ basement.

The newspaper is an open forum for expression. I am a liberal lefty, not a right wing alt. Some of the things that offend me are grown men in the grocery store carrying guns, Native Americans not being able to vote because they don’t have a house number, draft dodgers talking about supporting our troops when they hid like cowards, people screaming about immigrants and yet I see Hispanics on their roofs, picking their crops and painting their houses.

We are slipping badly in the world view, much to Putin’s delight. I find if you scratch the surface prejudice is alive and well in our community.

As I watch the Salvation Army bell ringers at the stores, I am struck by the fact that they never give up hope of helping their fellow man. Perhaps we should all take a lesson from their book.

Carolyn Browning
Peachtree City, Ga.