‘Corrections’ miss main points of captain’s letter


I was intrigued by Mr. Aycock’s response to my Citizen letter (“Fayette has suffered tactics of Senate Democrats” dated Oct. 31, 2018). As I was reading his letter, my eyes started to glaze over as to whether the responder had even read the same letter I wrote.

His assumption as to “Captain Benson’s main assertion” was essentially “word salad” bordering on incomprehensible and had absolutely nothing to do with the main assertion to [my] article, which I appreciate having the opportunity to make again.

Fact: The Democrat Senate under former Senator Harry Reid [D-NV] did away with the Senate filibuster rule in order to pack the courts with liberal judges to protect liberal overreach from inevitable lawsuits.

The ultimate court is the Supreme Court. With the nomination and confirmation of Justice Kavanaugh, that would, in general, have a 5-4 conservative majority. Rather than decide on the basis of Judge Kavanaugh’s impeccable judicial record, Senate Democrats stooped to the despicable act of character assassination based on “credible witnesses” with no corroborating evidence.

Since then, two of the “credible witnesses” have admitted they fabricated their allegations and have been recommended by the Senate Judiciary Committee for investigation by the Department of Justice.

Fayette County Democrats couldn’t get a Democrat elected to the county Board of Commissioners and the county School Board so accused the citizens of Fayette County of racism and brought in the NAACP to sue the county because there were no black neighbors on either board based on no “credible evidence.”

But a spineless federal judge, to assuage the county Democrats, had the county districts redrawn to give a majority black neighbor district. To which, they promptly elected a white guy to the School Board, who was a Democrat, which is what they wanted in the first place. Democrats misused the court system in order to achieve this just as the Senate Democrats were trying to do.

Now for the life of me, I don’t know what policy can only be delivered by a black neighbor or a white neighbor or any other color neighbor for that matter. It is the content of that policy that counts no matter what color it’s wrapped in. And to stoop to meritless accusations to get what you want through the courts instead of on the merits of the message is indeed despicable.

The point of my article was the nefarious methods used to get the policies you want. Policies should be decided by free and fair elections. And policies do matter as I illustrated in a general comment I made on IRAs and 401ks.

But the responder selectively critiqued one general line out of the 196 lines I wrote and went on a “numbers salad” diatribe on the ups and downs of the stock market and economy, which had absolutely nothing to do with the main theme of my article.

If you want to talk economics then OK. Fact: Under the Republicans and President Trump, the tax cuts and the freeing up of straggling and absurd regulations have resulted in the lowest unemployment numbers ever for Hispanic and black Americans, and among the lowest for women.

Those policies have created four times the number of manufacturing jobs (the ones President Obama said weren’t coming back) than the Obama administration created in its last 18 months.

President Trump has been working behind the scenes to free many black and Hispanic prisoners who have been in prison too long for relatively minor offenses. His policies have helped many more minorities than the Obama administration did. GDP has been steadily climbing instead of years of stagnation with a corresponding rise in the total number of Americans employed. Take-home pay is steadily rising.

President Obama added about $9 trillion to the national debt more than almost all the other presidents combined and has almost nothing to show for it except a huge bill to be paid by our kids. Policies do matter.

And as for the assumption as to where I get my information, my suggestion to the responder is, read a book. Almost anything by Thomas Sowell or Walter Williams is a good place to start.

Dennis D. Benson
Captain, United States Navy [RET]
Peachtree City, Ga.