Distribution days are something special


Midwest Food Bank in Peachtree City conducts distribution events eight times each month.  During these events, volunteers gather and assist in giving away tons of food;  On average, Midwest Food Bank gives away over 20 tons of food during each distribution day.

The food is given to partnering nonprofit organizations serving their communities, many are from Fayette, Coweta, and Fulton counties. 

Midwest Food Bank currently serves over 300 nonprofit organizations from 50 different counties in 6 states.  “Distribution days are very special.  It’s the best thing we do,” says Executive Director Will Garner. “The incredible volunteers who help us know that their efforts are touching lives and having a positive impact in communities all around our region.  However, we can always use more volunteers.” says Garner.  If you would like to be part of something special, contact the food bank’s volunteer coordinator, Danielle Cofer at 770 486-1103, ext. 405 or email:  dcofer@midwestfoodbank.org.  The distribution calendar can be found on their website at peachtree.midwestfoodbank.org.