When will the road messes end?


Where do I begin … Our once lovely town has been turned upside down with roads undergoing resurfacing. I am assuming that who ever is in charge of the bids took the lowest contractor’s bid.

I have never in my 69 years on this earth witnessed roads being done in this manner, and taking so long to get done. Our city’s roads have been being resurfaced since early this summer, with no end in sight.

I live one mile from my work and before the road mess started it would take me less than five minutes to go to and from my job. Now it can take me as much as 30-40 minutes. Sometimes I have to go towards Newnan about a mile or so before being allowed to make a u-turn to go back towards Fayetteville.

I just took a trip on Friday to Fayetteville and the roads are undergoing resurfacing all the way there.

I love our town and pay the price in taxes every year to live here, but I’m wondering lately if it’s worth it. Seems almost every road is being worked on. Are we going to see an end anytime soon? What a mess!

For sure our vehicles will all need to be realigned and possibly new tires by the time this is done.

A concerned and caring, long time resident.

Patsy Sawyer
Peachtree City, Ga.