Within two days, thieves broke into 25 vehicles in Peachtree City and Fayetteville.

Seven vehicles at three Peachtree City golf courses were entered on Aug. 15. All but one of the entries were forced break-ins that resulted in many belongings stolen.

Four of the vehicle break-ins occurred at the Planterra Ridge Golf Club, with two occurring at the Flat Creek Golf Club and one at the Braelinn Golf Club, according to police reports.

All but one of the forced entry incidents were the result of broken windows, said Peachtree City Police Department spokesperson Odilia Bergh, adding that one of the vehicles may have been pried open.

A rash of 18 entering auto incidents were reported Aug. 14 on two neighboring streets southeast of Fayetteville.

The incidents occurred at residences on Bellevue Loop and Fontaine Way off Inman Road near South Jeff Davis Drive.

The 18 incidents were reported in the morning hours of Aug. 14, according to the sheriff’s activity log.

Pertaining to the four break-ins at Planterra Ridge, one of the vehicles had a laptop stolen, another had clothes stolen and a third vehicle, which was unlocked, had an iPhone and headset stolen. The fourth vehicle entered at Planterra had a wealth of items stolen, such as a variety of clothing and shoes, suitcases, jewelry and a laptop and backpack, said Bergh.

The two entering autos at Flat Creek Golf Club suffered thefts of a handgun, a two laptops, two iPads, an iPhone and business notebooks.

The entering auto at Braelinn Golf Club resulted in the theft of a diaper bag, Bergh said.

Sheriff Barry Babb said a number of the vehicles near Fayetteville were unlocked while the remainder of the entries were forced, though none had broken glass.

Babb said the majority of vehicles had nothing stolen. Those that did had thefts of items included three purses, a wallet, three credit cards, a cell phone and a laptop.

The vehicles were believed to have been entered between 1-5 a.m. on Aug. 14.

All incidents are currently under investigation.