Senoia is richest town in Georgia

Downtown Senoia. Photo/John Thompson.
Downtown Senoia. Photo/John Thompson.

A report by USA Today on towns with a population of 1,000-25,000 has named Senoia the Richest Town in Georgia.

The report noted that Senoia, with a population of 3,889 and just west across Line Creek from Peachtree City, has a median household income of $82,485, compared to the state average of $51,037. Homes in the city carry a median value of $212,300.

“While incomes are higher in Senoia than the rest of the state, there are relatively few extremely wealthy households. Just 5.5 percent of area households earn $200,000 or more per year, in line with the 5.7 percent national share and only slightly higher than the 4.6 percent statewide share,” USA Today said.

Senoia a number of years ago transitioned into a “destination” stop for many. The advent of the television megahit “The Walking Dead” continued and accelerated the view of the city as the place to visit and live.

Yet it was the total revitalization of the downtown area that began in 2007 that had people beginning to flock to the city.

The revitalization, which realized significant completion by 2013, came with a 700 percent growth in retail business during the 7-year period that included the Great Recession and its aftermath.

“The Walking Dead” was the icing on the cake.