Final state track meet results


(according to results posted on the Georgia High School Association’s official Twitter feed)

East Coweta boys (AAAAAAA)
Team: fourth overall, seventh in 4×100-meter relay.
Kyle Harkabus: first in 800-meter run, first in 1600-meter run.
Joshua Render: third in shot put.
Amari Strickland: third in high jump.
Ethan Brown: sixth in discus.
Brayden Carey: seventh in 400-meter dash, seventh in high jump.
Christopher Pitt: seventh in long jump.
Dantarius Chunn: eighth in 100-meter dash.

East Coweta girls (AAAAAAA)
London Fowler: seventh in shot put.

Fayette County boys (AAAAA)
Team: third overall, first in 4×400-meter relay, first in 4×100-meter relay.
Trey Johnson: first in 400-meter dash, fifth in 200-meter dash.
Seth Holloway, Fayette County — seventh in 100-meter dash, eighth in 200-meter dash.
Josh Dupree, Fayette County — third in 800-meter run, seventh in 400-meter dash.

Fayette County girls (AAAAA)
Team: fourth overall, fourth in 4×400-meter relay, seventh in 4×100-meter relay.
Na’ilah Moore: first in triple jump, third in long jump.
Rikkelle Miller: second in discus, third in shot put
Amara Nwajagu: sixth in 400-meter dash.
Sidney Sims: seventh in 100-meter dash.

McIntosh boys (AAAAA)
Team: sixth overall
Zach Jaeger: second in 3200-meter run, third in 1600-meter run.
Vladimir Zander-Velloso: fourth in 3200-meter run.
James Edge: sixth in shot put.

McIntosh girls (AAAAA)
Team: sixth overall
Megan Uszynski: first in 3200-meter run, fourth in 1600-meter run.
Kayla Rose: second in 800-meter run, second in 1600-meter run.
Hannah Moore: fourth in 3200-meter run.
Addie Fraker: fifth in shot put, seventh in discus.
Brianna Brown: sixth in 800-meter run.

Starr’s Mill boys (AAAAA)
Team: second overall, seventh in 4×400-meter relay.
Harrison Fultz: first in 800-meter run, first in 1600-meter run.
Nick Nyman: first in 3200-meter run, second in 1600-meter run.
Branden Rew: third in 300-meter hurdles.
Eric Donevant: seventh in shot put.

Starr’s Mill girls (AAAAA)
Team: sixth in 4×400-meter relay.
Julia Colson: fifth in pole vault.
Sarah Goins: sixth in 110-meter hurdles.
Mary Valli: eighth in 3,200-meter run.

Whitewater boys (AAAAA)
Justyn Loper: fifth in shot put.

Whitewater girls (AAAAA)
Sonali Anderson: seventh in 110-meter hurdles.
Ashley McMahon: seventh in 1600-meter run.
Martina Takang: eighth in discus.

Sandy Creek boys (AAAA)
Team: second overall, first in 4×400-meter relay, fourth in 4×100-meter relay.
Nicolas Toomer: first in 400-meter dash, second in triple jump, fourth in long jump.
Omarian Clemons: third in 110-meter hurdles, fifth in 300-meter hurdles.
AJ Hale: third in 300-meter hurdles, sixth in 400-meter dash.

Sandy Creek girls (AAAA)
Jania Hodges: second in high jump.

Landmark boys (A Private)
Team: fourth overall, fifth in 4×400-meter relay.
Zack Truitt: first in 3200-meter run, fourth in 1600-meter run.
Donovan Pickett: third in 400-meter dash.
Kameron Jackson: fourth in 800-meter run.
Bryce Williamson: fifth in triple jump.
Tyler Span: sixth in 400-meter dash.
Omari Hammond: seventh in 800-meter run.

Landmark girls (A Private)
Team: third overall, fourth in 4×400-meter relay
Erin Fegans: first in 3200-meter run, fifth in 1600-meter run.
Elizabeth Gibbs: first in discus, third in triple jump, third in shot put.
Mary Kellison-Thorne: second in pole vault, fourth in 3200-meter run.
Lindsey Biggar: fourth in 800-meter run, fourth in 1600-meter run.
Sarah Foreman: fifth in 800-meter run.

Our Lady of Mercy boys (A Private)
Cameron Browning: seventh in 300-meter hurdles.

Our Lady of Mercy girls (A Private)
Erthaly Thomas: seventh in 400-meter dash, eighth in high jump.