Gleaton’s is changing the way we buy new furniture

Gleaton's in Peachtree City is now carrying "Scott Living" of furnishings.

Sponsored by Gleaton’s Furniture Marketplace

What if you could easily and discreetly just enter the amount you wanted to pay for a new bedroom set? Or a nice leather sofa? Well now you can and it is right here in Fayette County!

Eric Gleaton at Gleaton’s Furniture Marketplace in Peachtree City has created an all-encompassing shopping experience for both new and vintage furniture. Gleaton’s has a 12,000 sq. ft. show room in Aberdeen Village next to Bank of America & Partners Pizza. You can walk in and see new items every day and purchase right off the show room floor.

Here is the fun part though: Gleaton’s has created a vibrant online ecommerce marketplace that allows buyers to purchase furniture in three different ways. You can “Buy Now,” which includes free delivery in Metro Atlanta. Also, you can bid with all bids starting at $5 and No Reserve. And, you can “Make an Offer” to get it now.

 Gleaton’s sees thousands of buyers on the website every week bidding and the deals are absolutely amazing. You can save from 50 – 75% on the same furniture that you can buy at other stores!

“People literally are getting addicted and we see people buying week after week,” Eric Gleaton, owner, says. Gleaton’s typically closes out sales every Sunday & Monday night at 8 PM.

It’s great to finally have a new local furniture store in Peachtree City and a company on the cutting edge of technology right here in Fayette County. Be sure to check out Gleaton’s Furniture Marketplace or the website at