Bulldog attacks, injures Fayetteville woman, 70

Bulldog attacks, injures Fayetteville woman, 70

A bulldog charged off its owner’s Fayetteville property and attacked a woman and her dog in a Feb. 17 incident.

Fayetteville Police Department spokesman Chad Myers said the incident occurred on Woodgate Drive off Jimmie Mayfield Boulevard and involved a 70-year-old woman riding a mobility scooter while exercising her leashed dog.

The woman reported that a white dog first attacked her and that her dog on a long leash came back to protect her, resulting in the two dogs getting entangled. She tried to separate the two and received a laceration to her upper thigh and abrasions on a forearm. The woman’s dog was injured and bleeding from the back of the neck, Myers said. The woman declined medical transport, Myers added.

There were two witnesses to the incident, with one of them able to separate the dogs, Myers said, adding that the offending dog ran back to its home.

Myers said animal control was called, with the homeowners saying they thought the bulldog had been in the yard. Fayette County Animal Control Director Jerry Collins said the homeowner provided current vaccination documents, including those for rabies, and was issued a citation for the offense.

Per county ordinance, Collins said the owner was allowed to keep the dog at home for 10 days, with the provision that the dog had to be quarantined where it could not leave the area. That included in the home, in a dog kennel or at a vet’s office. Running loose in the back yard does not constitute a proper quarantine, Collins said.

Collins said animal control staff will go back to the residence periodically to ensure that the quarantine is properly enacted. If not, the dog will be taken to the animal control center, Collins said.