Raising fees puts animal adoption out of reach


I thought the purpose of pet adoption was to find homes for homeless dogs and cats.

Why would the commission triple the fees? You still have to get shots and neuter or spay. That adds up to $100 to $200 more. Puts it out of the reach of some people. Very discouraging for potential pet parents.

I have a wonderful dog that I adopted six years ago. Got her shots and spayed right away. She is so smart and well behaved. Her name is Poppie.

Also my daughter adopted a magnificent mouser cat a few years ago.

My grandson picked out a puppy 18 years ago that raised him to an adult. Great lovable dog that had her own boy! She died at age 15. A wonderful memory for all of us.

All these animals came from the Fayette County pound. Homeless dogs and cat that found a “forever home.”

Laura Johnson
Fayetteville, Ga.