Big Fayetteville office park gets council approval

Big Fayetteville office park gets council approval

One of the largest developments proposed in the county received a unanimous approval Thursday night from the Fayetteville City Council, with hardly any discussion.

The 267-acre site near Veterans Parkway and Ga. Highway 54 includes 21 acres owned by Jan Trammell that would require annexing into the city. Trammell’s tract was tabled Thursday night, but the City Council approved rezoning the other 246 acres already inside the city includes property owned by the Lester family, the Rivers family, the Fayette County School System and Roy Jones.

The applicant for the 246-acre tract is the Fayette County Development Authority represented by Rick Halbert. Halbert is involved in the preliminary development of nearby Pinewood Forrest. The property was rezoned from R-70 (Single Family Residential) to BP (Business Park).

The new comprehensive plan, which was for adopted Thursday night, places this property in the Business Park character area.

Councilwoman Kathaleen Brewer asked if the development would have a campus feel, and was assured by staff it would. The business park would be the latest development transforming the city’s west side. No tenants for the park have been disclosed.