Tests show Coweta students mostly under 50% ‘proficient’ in grades 3-8


Georgia Milestones Assessment results for spring 2017 were released on July 21 by the Georgia Department of Education, showing Coweta County students exceeding statewide performance averages.

School system spokesman Dean Jackson said student performance on the Georgia Milestones is reported in one of four categories – Beginning Learner, Developing Learner, Proficient Learner, and Distinguished Learner. These levels are intended to reflect student mastery of the content area in each grade level. The state examines the data based on the top three levels (developing and higher) and top two levels of student performance (proficient and higher).

Overall, Coweta students in grades 3-8 outperformed their peers statewide on the annual grade and subject exams, said Jackson.

The Citizen reported in a recent edition that about two-thirds of Fayette County School System students tested “proficient” or better.

Looking at the top two categories, Proficient and Distinguished learners, Coweta’s scores showed the following:

• Third grade English – 42.3 percent, statewide 36.1 percent.

• Third grade math – 47.7 percent, statewide 42.5 percent.

• Fourth grade English – 45.6 percent, statewide 41.6 percent.

• Fourth grade math – 46.8 percent, state 44.7 percent

• Fifth grade – across four subject areas Coweta students averaged 39.48 percent compared to the state average of 36.05 percent.

• Sixth grade English – 44.5 percent, statewide 40.3 percent.

• Sixth grade math – 43.7 percent, statewide 38.2 percent.

• Seventh grade English – 42.2 percent, statewide 36.7 percent.

• Seventh grade math – 51 percent, statewide 41.8 percent.

• Eight grade – across four subject areas Coweta students averaged 49 percent compared to 40.22 percent statewide.