This and that


Those of us in District 3 are glad to have the elections in District 6 over and done.

If you were a youngster growing up during World War II, you can remember your mother making sure you ate everything on your plate.

She used the excuse that there were a lot of starving children in the world and reminded you how lucky you were to have food. Well, when I heard that nearly $50 million dollars had been spent on that District 6 election, it made me think of my mother and the fact that there are still a lot of starving children in the world.

Boxer Evander Holyfield was recently inducted into the Boxing Hall of Fame. When he still resided in north Fayette County and we named a street in his name, I attended as a member of the local press. Of course, we had our picture taken together, a photo I have had in my wallet since. On my first visit to Brazil, probably 15 years ago, I was showing them photos of my children when they spotted my photo with Evander. They instantly identified him and were impressed. And I was impressed that they knew who it was.

I also met someone else who impressed me that dedication day. As we know, Margaret Mitchell donated untold funds so that African Americans who wanted to go through medical school could do so. I met one of those doctors that day and felt quite humbled to be in his presence. I do not now why he was there, though.

There are television ads touting selling you two pair of glasses for $69. So why are my glasses $350 and that’s just for one pair. Hmmmmm.

Mattress company ads say that you should buy a new mattress every eight years due to dust mites. I won’t come right out and say how old my mattress is, but it formerly belonged to my mother who left this earth 34 years ago.

I wish I could ask President George Washington what he thinks of the current political state of affairs in the United States.

My Kiwanis club meets at the IHOP each Tuesday noon and has for probably the greater part of 25 years. So we are used to its shutting down every six years or so to remodel, new carpeting, or whatever. If you’ve been in Fayette County for years, you will remember when the building first opened it had a fireplace which was later blocked off. After the last closing, I asked the manager if they had ever thought of opening up the fireplace again. He replied they had, but realized it would take up space occupied by four tables and decided not to. Of course.

Among the things I thank the good Lord for on a daily basis, that not only am I fairly healthy to be 84 years old but that I am even still living. When I look at the ages of those on current obituary lists, I am often older than every one of them.

If you can remember a horse barn in Peachtree City, you have lived in Fayette County for decades.

More on Fayette County next week.