Missing woman reunited with family

Alexis Say from her Facebook page.


A 22-year-old New York woman and former Peachtree City resident who was the subject of a search after she was last seen in a Miami hospital on Jan. 23 has been found.

Alexis Say, a former student at Booth Middle School and McIntosh High School, was last seen on Jan. 23 in a waiting room of North Shore Hospital in Miami, according to The Daily News in Genesee County, New York.

Mother Jennifer Say on the Facebook page “Please Help Find Alexis Say” reported recently that Alexis has been reunited with the family. Beyond that, little is known.

“I’d also like to thank all of you who understand that there are many, many reasons why someone in my situation would avoid sharing information. To the people who don’t understand that, I will pray for you. At this point, I can only say that there are ongoing investigations regarding Alexis’s disappearance. Please pray for all involved in investigating this case,” Jennifer Say said.

Jennifer Say said after her daughter’s disappearance she was contacted by the Florida Attorney General’s Office and the Florida Human Trafficking Task Force about her daughter’s disappearance, according to reports.

“She was in the lobby waiting for a ride, and somebody was seen talking to her, that’s the last time she has been seen … there was nothing with her, no I.D. or cell phone, and if she was free to move about, she could find things to sell,” Jennifer Say said.