SPLOST helps first responders


Having spent most of my life in Fayette County, I know first-hand how very blessed we are to live in a community with very high quality of life standards.

Of the many amenities we enjoy, I would place our county and municipal emergency responders at the top of the list when it comes to the well-being of our citizens.

After being in the healthcare field for 20 years, it is my opinion that our emergency first responders — ambulance, fire, rescue and police forces — are some of the very best in their field.

To ensure our community can continue to depend on the highest quality emergency system, continuous improvements in technology and equipment is essential. The ability to deliver, and receive, expedient communications is critical to any operation, but even more so in response to emergent situations.

The current state of Fayette County’s emergency radio system is reflective of a system that is more than 15 years old. As our current technology continues to age, critical components are now in need of replacement.

In an expedient, digital world, the county and municipalities operate on a legacy analog system that challenges seamless communications between neighboring counties and cities, as well as healthcare providers like the hospital.

SPLOST funding will provide updates to essential public safety equipment and maintain direct communication between local, state and federal authorities. The SPLOST provides a means to update the emergency radios as well as other emergency services, which includes two fire stations and additional fire trucks and police cars.

Strategically placed fire stations aid in response times to emergencies and make a difference in saving lives. Having additional equipment, such as emergency vehicles, is an investment to ensure that we can effectively respond to the needs of our citizens and maintain the highest possible standards for safety. In life and death situations, minutes truly matter.

As a long-time Fayette County resident, I care deeply about the health and well-being of our community. Knowing that our local governments and first responders have the most up-to-date tools they need to respond to emergencies is something that can give us all peace of mind. For my family and me, it is an important part of Fayette’s quality of life.

J. Michael Burnett, CEO
Piedmont Fayette Hospital
Fayetteville, Ga.