South American criminals prey on foreigners in Peachtree City

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The recent burglaries of three Peachtree City homes follows the pattern of those occurring in areas in metro Atlanta.

Peachtree City Police Department spokesperson Odilia Bergh said three homes were burglarized on Feb. 27 and are consistent with a crime pattern seen around the metro Atlanta area and the nation.

“The responsible group has been identified as foreign nationals, primarily from South America, that are known to target homes belonging to residents from Asia, and the Middle East,” said Bergh. “The way they identify these families has not been confirmed.”

Bergh said crime patterns show that the teams work with two vehicles, usually occupied by 2-4 black or Hispanic males.

“The cars have been known to display out of state tags, to include Mississippi and Louisiana or Georgia drive-out tags. Rental vehicles may also be used,” Bergh said. “One set of criminals are dropped off near the target home where they ring or knock on the front door. Once the criminals confirm no one is home, entry is made by forcing a door or window on the rear of the residence. The thieves are targeting jewelry and currency.”