Lauren Wise Organize changes homes, changes lives


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Lauren Wise was born organized and she has a knack for relationship-building, two skills that don’t always come together naturally. For Lauren – and her clients – her dual talents come together to fill a very real need: helping families and individuals organize their homes and reduce clutter, particularly in trying times.
Lauren Wise Organize.“I’ve always been interested in improving processes – and in building and growing relationships,” says Lauren. “I use essentially the same skills to help improve family processes as I did when I streamlined manufacturing processes, but it’s a much more personal experience.”
Many of Lauren’s clients are single mothers, families in which both parents hold demanding jobs, parents of special needs children, and special needs individuals, themselves.
“I love working with people who really need someone with my expertise,” she says, “and with clients who could, theoretically, do it on their own but simply don’t have time because they’re busy accomplishing other things.”
Her client, Peggy Thomas, is one great example.
“I looked like a deer in the headlights at the 10 years of accumulated junk that needed to be cleared from my basement before we could list our home for sale,” Peggy says. “Despite years of working as an executive, then owning my own business, I couldn’t fathom how to start this task. ‘Call Lauren Wise Organize,’ said my realtor. ‘She can help.’ After 12 days, 28 construction-sized garbage bags of trash, and one 16-foot truck full of donations had left the basement, our home was ready to sell. And it did – just 12 days later!”
Client Whitney Shoemaker is another.
“I cannot say enough good things about Lauren Wise and her organizational skills,” she says. “As a teacher, it is imperative to start the school year off in a well-organized classroom. With Lauren’s help, my classroom has more functionality and is far more aesthetically pleasing than in past years.”
Lauren also works extensively with clients who are downsizing and with widows and people attempting to settle estates for parents and loved ones. In fact, having to clear her grandmother’s estate by herself prompted Lauren to start considering a career as a professional organizer.
“I lost five significant people in four years,” she explains. “Settling my grandmother’s estate was particularly difficult and very painful. And it was so stressful because I had to do it alone. I suddenly realized that lots of people have to go through the same experience – and that I could help.”
So, when Lauren found herself needing to return to work after a break to raise her children, she decided to put her experience and her natural abilities to work. She knew from the start that she wanted to offer a very personal level of service that can be hard to find.
“I’m always aware that people allow me into a very private part of their lives, often at a very difficult time in their lives,” she says. “Sometimes I’m dealing with financial documents, old photographs, treasured family heirlooms. That deserves a lot of respect – and complete confidentiality.”
Her favorite part is the sense of relief her clients feel when they start to see progress.
“Once we get started, most clients find that they’re motivated to keep going because they’re seeing results,” she says. “Things start to become manageable, partly because they aren’t in it alone. They realize the task can actually be done. That, in itself, is very freeing for people. Just feeling like you’re in control can reduce a lot of stress.”
All in all, Lauren couldn’t be happier with her choice of career.
“I love what I do,” she says. “I love making an impact on people’s lives.”
Services include:
  • Move management
  • Photo & memorabilia organization
  • Coaching
  • On-going monthly maintenance
  • Holiday organization
  • Emergency
  • Turn-Key
  • Whole home clutter reduction
  • Digital organizing
  • Home inventory


Estate Clearing

  • Digital inventory of household contents
  • Sorting personal items
  • Setting up appraisals
  • Inventory, evaluate and distribute charitable donations
  • Coordinating professional services for packing, moving, and storing of personal property
  • Arranging for sale of personal property
  • Creating and implementing filing systems for important papers and essential documents
  • Arranging for house cleaning and repairs
  • Preparing the home for real estate showing, open house, etc.
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