This and that


When I am king of the world, I will make it an iron clad rule that if you are able to vote but have never done so by the age of 30, you will have lost that privilege forever.

I have finally learned that no matter how much I spend on anti-aging cream, it’s not going to work.

And speaking of older, why aren’t there any dating sites for those of us who have seen eight decades come and go?

I have always been against the tax-free weekends just before school starts in the fall. Yes, I have to admit that my youngest child is now 48 years old, and I will not be buying them computers and school clothes. How many families put the “money they saved” into their savings account.

I have noticed that a fairly new weather girl on an Atlanta TV station is now obviously pregnant. She insists on still wearing her size 4 dress and I personally find that irritating. I admit it’s been quite a few decades since I have been in that condition but then you were proud to be “showing” and had purchased maternity clothes that expanded with you. I especially remember a red pale ensemble among others. Now young mothers may wear blue jeans that expand, but stick to a T-shirt that must feel like a girdle by the time nine months are up. I wonder if they even make maternity clothes anymore.

I enjoy watching channel 2’s “High Q” high school quiz show. It’s produced, by the by, by a man who graduated from Fayette County High School in 1977. I am pleased that I can still answer a lot of the questions – however the high schoolers answer them in two seconds and it takes me about 10 times that to come up with the answer.

Oh! When I wrote a column and stated “Gone with the Wind” was first shown in Fayette County in 1971, someone called the Citizen and stated it was first shown”at the courthouse in 1944.” I would surely like to learn more if that individual will call me and enlighten me as to the facts, I will be most grateful. I always want to learn something I didn’t know before. That number is 770-461-7152.

Having to keep on experiencing life never ends, no matter how old you get. Two weeks ago I had to replace my hot water heater. The current replacement cost is just south of a thousand dollars.

Then last week I had to replace my car battery at a cost three-fourths of two hundred dollars. Yo, seniors! Remember when your first battery was only $40 including installation?

OK, I’m done now.