This and that


It was one year ago this week that some dear friends saved my life. They appeared in my living room and let me know they felt there was something wrong with my health and wanted to call EMT’s. I had no idea what they were talking about and agreed only to placate them. I had begun to have restrictive feelings in my chest which I just excused as growing old.

In the ambulance I was sure I would be back home in four or five hours. Folks, I was not back for four days. It seems I was down three pints of blood and most of us only have five pints in us to begin with.

It seems my face had turned quite pale and glowed and that was their clue. Thank you dear friends on the first anniversary of saving my life.

I am writing this on Monday morning and I am stuck in my house until Wednesday morning. The back of my house faces an alley and it is being resurfaced. Some neighbors parked their car out front yesterday and can take the front steps to get to it. I am not able to take steps myself.

My neighborhood association has the funds to do this, so my only dismay is the coupon I got in my email today. I love sea food and it is a coupon for a shrimp platter at half price at a local restaurant. Only problem is, it’s only good for today.

There was an advertisement the other day to visit Key West, Florida. Many years ago I drove from Fort Lauderdale to Key West. I arrived about 5 p.m. and got a funny feeling when at the end of the road all I could see was ocean, there was no more road. The view was memorable though, the sun was setting in brilliant orange and yellow hues over a sparkling blue ocean.

It’s election time and I am reminded of a time I voted for a guy because of his blue eyes. I had just moved from Ohio to Forest Park and of course, I knew no one. Election was just two months later and I picked him because he stood out from everyone else with those electric blue eyes. That was 57 years ago and I promise I’ve never done that since.

Why is it that when you are watching one sport and another you’re also interested in is on another channel?

Every time you take a minute to switch to see what the score is, they are playing an advertisement. By the time you wait for the score and then switch back, yep, you have to sit through another advertisement.

I saw a photo of Rose Marie Harper in a newspaper recently and it reminded me of a story she told me once. She had attended a lecture I gave and had asked permission to record it. Anyone can feel free to record anything I have to say. She and her husband had an event in Alabama and she made him listen to it all the way over there. I just hope he found it as interesting as she did.