The Citizen Q&A with Sen. Mike Crane: I know what my job is and how to do it


Questions from The Citizen, Answers from the candidates

State Senator Mike Crane is one of several candidates running for the Georgia 3rd District Congressional seat up for grabs with Rep. Lynn Westmoreland’s announcement that he will not seek re-election.

Crane was asked by The Citizen to respond to several questions pertaining to his candidacy.

Other candidates have also responded to the questions. The Citizen will publish those responses in subsequent editions.

Crane was asked and responded to the following questions:

One of the questions asked what sets him apart from Rep. Lynn Westmoreland.

“I believe what distinguishes me from many existing elected officials at the state and national level is my clear understanding of the duties and obligations to carry out the mandates of the office. Too many people get elected and fall into the trap of a broken system. Detached from our Constitution, they are unmoored and tossed by a process that is based on control and coercion, instead of integrity and principle,” Crane said. “Simply put, the vast majority of elected officials have a very limited understanding of what their job truly is, and, unfortunately, just perpetuate what has developed into a broken system — threatening our national security, eroding our liberties and destroying our culture.”

Crane said the roles of elected officials are clearly defined in America’s founding documents.

“For a legislator, this means that all laws must conform to the original intent of the Constitution. This includes equal treatment under the law, limited government, and the protection and support of our God given inalienable rights,” said Crane. “All of these things strengthen our nation by promoting and protecting life, liberty and a free market place. Not only do I have a clear understanding of the proper role of a legislator, but I have an extensive track record that shows my consistency of serving as the Constitution intends.”

Following up, Crane was asked what sets him apart from other candidates.

“Based on who has announced their intentions to enter the race, it appears that I am the only candidate with a proven record of leading in the legislative arena. My lifetime as a small business owner and my significant legislative experience, matched with one of the most conservative voting records in the Senate gives me the strongest resume for the job at hand, Congress of the United States. I have consistently led the fight to secure and strengthen our state and to make this the best place in the nation for quality economic growth. I have unwaveringly done this while protecting our quality of life,” Crane said.

“The other candidates, while most likely well-intentioned, are certainly unproven in the actual field of battle. I have encountered many along the campaign trail who make all sorts of promises before their first election, or their jump to a legislative office, but ultimately fail to follow through because they were really unprepared for the job. When one is hiring for the big leagues you don’t just take candidates at their words, you hire someone with a proven ability to stand tall under pressure and get quality results at the end of the day. When it comes to choosing our next Congressman, someone who should be a steward of our Constitution and our laws, I believe I am the candidate with the most relevant experience, consistent track record and best results.”

Another question centered on who Crane listens to and whose opinions he respects in his private circle.

“I probably spend as much time reading as I do listening to any particular person. One of the great benefits of reading is the words are more carefully chosen and often more insightful. I am usually in three books at a time, in addition to the Bible which is my daily reader and my ultimate reference,” said Crane. “As far as people in my life, my beautiful wife always encourages me and guides me. She knows me best, and I am blessed beyond measure to have her at my side. I am also blessed to have many close friends, with an amazing variety of backgrounds, who richly bless my life with advice and fellowship. Also, over the past five years I have developed strong bonds with some of the top conservative leaders in our state, a very diverse group in experience but a very close knit group when it comes to principles.”

A final question was intended to go beyond the candidate’s obvious conservatism. Crane was asked to speak about his personal beliefs and how those beliefs figure into his candidacy.

“The Bible shows us in Galatians 5:1, ‘It is for freedom that Christ has set us free.’ The notion of liberty and freedom are not constructs of man, they are the gift of God. I have found great peace and strength relying on Him who set me free as I have served in the Senate. The concept that our job is to ‘Secure the blessings of Liberty for future generations’ is foreign to most. They are unclear what true Liberty is and they fail to recognize that much of what government does actually jeopardizes our future and the future of our children. The pressures to conform, to go along to get along, to compromise and to do what you are told are more intense than most people realize.”

“It is not like the business environment, it is not like it is at home or at church, it is a unique environment where you are often pulled in several directions, but must always remain centered and true to your principles and your oath. Without a firm reliance and confidence toward God, I believe this to be an impossible task. I thank God for loving me, for saving me, for sending me to serve in the Senate and preparing me to hopefully serve in the U.S. House of Representatives. In that same spirit I offer my service and will go well equipped and prepared for the job at hand — to secure the blessings of Liberty for ourselves and future generations.”